Medicinal Mindfulness® LLC and Medicinal Mindfulness Events LLC

Medicinal Mindfulness is a grassroots consciousness company educating and supporting individuals and communities who choose to use cannabis and psychedelic medicines. Founded by Daniel McQueen, MA, and his wife, Alison McQueen, MA, our community has come together to provide an enjoyable, safe, open and affirming space to share transformational cannabis and breathwork experiences.

We use clinically informed, mindfulness-based approaches within a somatically oriented, transpersonal and community paradigm to create an holistic (mind, body, spirit) process that initiates powerful transformations in healing and personal development. 

Services are available for individuals, couples, families and groups. 

Given the common misunderstandings and concerns that accompany the field of psychedelics and cannabis harm prevention and advocacy, we are committed to making ourselves available to public service and safety professionals to answer questions regarding psychedelic and cannabis harm reduction programs.