Community Events

Medicinal Mindfulness is excited to provide these safe and sacred altered states events and private group services.  Because our primary mission is to make experiences like these as affordable, safe and accessible as possible, Medicinal Mindfulness sponsors monthly community practices such as Community Breathwork, Cannabis Healing Meditations and  Conscious Cannabis Circles.  These are opportunities for our local community members to participate in, or sit for regular, intentional, psycho-spiritual group  journey experiences.  

The private Conscious Cannabis Events and Medicine Song Community Breathwork sessions we facilitate are perfect for groups of friends, Colorado visitors, dispensary owners, corporate executives, retreat organizers and retreat centers.  

Contact us so we can help you design a unique entheogenic cannabis and/or breathwork experience, either as a stand alone event or part of a larger retreat experience.  

Additional Discounts with Intensives & Memberships

  • Participants who purchase an intensive receive an additional 10% discount on all other services during the three month term of an Intensive.
  • Participants who purchase a membership also receive an additional 10% off all other services during a four month term of a membership.
  • These discounts do not stack with scholarship prices since scholarships are already the best price available.  Additionally, these discounts do not stack with introductory passes, package deals or other intensives, but may be a better price than some discount packages.
  • This discount applies to individual coaching and meditation sessions.

Referral Program

  • Refer a friend to any retreat, training, Cannabis Healing Meditation or Conscious Cannabis Circle and receive a $10 credit on your next purchase.
  • Refer a Friend to Community Breathwork and receive $5 credit on your next purchase.
  • Must be a White Level Member for tracking purposes.


Community Events Include