Extended-State DMT Research

Medicinal Mindfulness is currently in the preliminary stages of developing a program to support Extended-State DMT research.  An Extended-State DMT application model has been developed by Dr. Andrew Gallimore and Dr. Rick Strassman, using Dr. Strassman's data from his original DMT safety study.  It was this study that ignited the current renaissance in psychedelic research. 

Extended-State DMT describes a controlled DMT experience that uses an anesthesia machine to stabilize the DMT peak experience over an extended period of time.  Whereas a typical DMT experience lasts around 15 minutes with a 6-7 minute peak, and Extended-State DMT experience could extend this peak for many hours due to the fact that DMT does not have a tolerance effect. 

We are particularly interested in supporting this research because of the cutting edge nature of the work.  Due to the complex technological requirements, no one has ever done this before in any setting.  And because of that, no one knows what possibilities this research would initiate.  As explorers, we find the unknowns quite appealing.

During our initial research, we've discovered that the chances of research like this being supported and financed by mainstream institutions is  very limited.  For that reason, we are calling on the psychedelic community to step in to help us create a psychedelic research program that is specifically inspired by the interests of our community. 

aWe are currently raising the initial funds to develop the non-profit foundation to facilitate the research, a protocol development steering committee, and to develop the necessary mechanisms of fundraising.  If you are inspired by this research, please help us by donating here

We are also beginning to explore the team required to develop and manage the project.  More information to come but if you have a special skill, experience and interest, please submit an email inquiry directly to dmtx@medicinalmindfulness.org

Dr. Andrew Gallimore is visiting Boulder, Colorado and we are happy to host our next Psychedelic Shine on this topic on July 23rd.  Information page here. And FaceBook event page is here

Original journal article is here.

My presentation at Psychedelic Shine at the Boulder Theater "On CyberDMT & TransCannabis" is here.

Visit our new page www.DMTx.org for additional information.

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