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Thank you for your interest in our program.  All inquires should be directed to dmtx@medicinalmindfulness.org.  To receive ongoing updates, sign up for our email newsletter by emailing us.  All previous inquires have been added to the list, and an email update will come out about once a month moving forward.

Thank you for your inquiries regarding becoming a volunteer psychonaut.  More information will be published in Jan 2018. Please note the dates of the two training opportunities below. 


DMTx Psychonaut Training Webinar


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Thursday Evenings Beginning Jan 24th, 2018 - 7-9pm

Join Daniel McQueen, MA, and Medicinal Mindfulness lead facilitator for an important introductory webinar for anyone interested in becoming a DMTx psychonaut volunteer in the Medicinal Mindfulness Extended-State Research and Exploration Program.  

This 4 part series will begin Wednesday evening, January 24th, 2018 and will meet again on 1/31, 2/14, 2/21 with a break in the middle.  7-9pm MST

Space is limited to 100 people. This is a fundraiser for the development of the DMTx Psychonaut Training Protocol and is for anyone interested in participating in the DMTx program, or practicing skill sets necessary for safe and deeply transformational psychedelic experiences.  

Additional information on topics and practices covered will be coming soon, but will be based on many elements of our Psychedelic Sitters School program.  

Participants will receive handouts, recommended readings and other materials, and will be taught mindfulness practices to develop the necessary resilience required for DMTx and other transformational experiences.  

This webinar series may be extended to include breathwork practices for trauma resolution and using cannabis as a psychedelic for journeywork and navigational skill development.  

A DMTx Psychonaut Training Retreat is scheduled for 9/26-9/30/2018.

Please join us for this fun and inspiring event!

Make sure you provide your name, email and phone number so we can provide important online registration instructions.

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Medicinal Mindfulness Presents:

Psychedelic Shine: DMTx Update & Psychedelic Society Social

Intergalactic Fundraiser for Extended-State DMT Research

Presentations by Daniel McQueen, MA Director of Medicinal Mindfulness and Principal Organizer for DMTx Project

Dr. Carla Clements, Naropa Professor and Principal Investigator for DMTx Project.

Live Music by Nibumbu, Totem and MysticKa. Poetry by Fierce le Fey and DPPP.  

Visit the Ant Life Cannabis Bar in the Space Box, art instillation. BYOC and designated driver required. 

Co-Sponsored by Knew rEvolution, Psychedelics Today and Syndicate Studios.

Free food and drinks provided by Festival Chef.  

8pm Doors Open
8:30 DMTx Update
9:15 Fierce le Fey & DPPP Poetry
9:30 MysticKa
10:30 Nibumbu
Midnight Totem
2am Close



About the Medicial Mindfulness Extended-State DMT Research Program


Visit our Psychedelic Shine Youtube Page

There are currently 4 videos from our Psychedelic Shine Speaker Series describing the vision and theory behind the Extended-State DMT program.  My presentation at Psychedelic Shine at the Boulder Theater "On CyberDMT & TransCannabis" initiated our interest in February of 2017.  Dr. Andrew Gallimore visited Boulder, Colorado and discussed many of his theories behind the research in July 2017, and I also spoke to the logistics and significance of the research.  We well attempt to livestream the DMTx Update on December 16th, and will have videos of the presentations up as soon as possible. 

The original journal article written by Dr. Gallimore and Dr. Strassman discussing Extended-State DMT is here.

Medicinal Mindfulness is actively developing a program to support Extended-State DMT research.  An Extended-State DMT application model was developed by Dr. Andrew Gallimore and Dr. Rick Strassman, using Dr. Strassman's data from his original DMT safety study.  It was Dr. Strassman's study that ignited the current renaissance in psychedelic research. 

Extended-State DMT describes a controlled DMT experience that uses "target-controlled intravenous infusion" medicial technology to stabilize the DMT peak experience over an extended period of time.  Whereas a typical DMT experience lasts around 15 minutes with a 6-7 minute peak, and Extended-State DMT experience could theoretically double, triple, or even extend the peak for many hours.  This is due to the fact that DMT does not have a tolerance effect. 

We are particularly interested in supporting this research because of the cutting edge nature of the work.  During our initial research, we've discovered that the chances of research like this being supported and financed by mainstream institutions is very limited.  For that reason, we are calling on the psychedelic community to step in to help us create a psychedelic research program that is specifically inspired by the interests of our community. 

We are currently raising the initial funds to develop the institutional structure to facilitate the research, a protocol development steering committee, and to develop the necessary mechanisms of fundraising. 

We are also beginning to explore the team required to develop and manage the project.  More information to come but if you have a special skill, experience and interest, please submit an email inquiry directly to dmtx@medicinalmindfulness.org

And join our community by coming to our event on Dec. 16th.

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