Mindfulness-based psychedelic therapy

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At the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, a legal psychedelic therapy clinic in Boulder, Colorado, we have led thousands of people through cannabis-assisted and ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy sessions that have brought major breakthroughs in their lives. We help them to heal trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, and feelings of meaninglessness.  

Since our founding in 2012, we have become an established leader in the emerging field of psychedelic therapy. Our vision is to heal and transform humanity and our shared ecology through education, facilitation, and integration of safe, legal psychedelic practices.

We work with legal medicines (cannabis, ketamine) in both individual and group settings. We offer private retreats, trainings, and community events.

We are also an intentional community of healers and activists that promote safe psychedelic use for personal and global healing and transformation.


Cannabis can be psychedelically potentiated by certain growing, aging, blending, and mixing techniques. When such a blend is used in a guided setting with intention, ceremony, and reverence, the cannabis experience is a powerful yet gentle gateway to transformation, for ourselves and for society. Our clients commonly report experiences that are as potent and psychedelic as MDMA, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and even DMT.

“I’m receiving a blessing, with a side of healing.” – Cannabis-assisted psychotherapy participant

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Special blends psychedelically potentiate the cannabis being used in the treatment


Ketamine is a safe, legal, and highly effective psychedelic medicine used to treat depression, trauma and anxiety. It’s a dissociative anesthetic that, when used in low doses, produces psychedelic and euphoric states. When used in conjunction with psychotherapy, it’s effective at breaking through stuck patterns often associated with depression, trauma, and anxiety. The medicine brings forth subconscious material that, when integrated with the help of a therapist, can be understood and healed.

lyse, Zanele, and Vanessa IM Ketamine session

What People Are Saying

Attending the conscious cannabis circle was a profound, deep, beautiful, spiritual experience. I was surprised at how powerful and insightful it was. I truly want all of my friends to partake of this transformative adventure of the highest kind.

Brigitte Mars, participant, brigittemars.com

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Medicinal Mindfulness and the whole MM crew are outstanding. The program is one of a kind (literally) and gave me the needed knowledge base and experiential wisdom and confidence that can only be acquired through this method of learning. Thank you to Daniel and the whole MM team! -JL



For me the support and container of safety and wisdom, combined with a mindful approach to sacred plant medicine is a vehicle of growth and inner transformation, and an ever growing personal awareness of my connection and place. -MM Participant & Student

Everyone I have met through the medicinal mindfulness events are warm, loving, and unique people that are a joy to interact with. The events themselves, always have a profound effect, yet, are very tranquil for me. It’s very obvious Daniel takes pride in using different music to create an experience. And really has a knack for reading the energy of each session. I have come to look forward to each event and hope to see many more in the future. -MM Student and Participant

We met back in September and you gave me some great guidance and counseling around starting to incorporate the use of cannabis instead of the psychotropic medicines I had been taking for quite some time. I am happy to report that I am completely off the antidepressant I was taking for many years and have been using cannabis in a very low dose controlled and intentional way for the past eight months. It is a great medicine, and has really changed me for the better. -Anonymous.

It is rare to find such a distinguished group, truly committed to its core values and enthusiastic to share, and enthusiastic to share its practices and grow with those willing to participate, share, and learn. I look forward to continuing my exciting and transformative journey with medicinal mindfulness, a unique, and forward thinking group of trained facilitators who consistently push the envelope and watch it bend. -MM Event Participant



Our team of clinicians, therapists and guides offer psychotherapy, consulting, coaching, psychiatry, training, and supervision in both individual and group settings from a transpersonal, psychedelic, and clinical perspective. 

We believe all healing is relational. Our practitioners provide a compassionate and understanding place for you to explore healthier ways of being in relationship with yourself and others. With clinical backgrounds treating trauma, depression, and other mental health challenges with psychedelics, we have an in-depth understanding of how the use of these medicines in safe settings can support mental and emotional well-being.


Psychedelic Sitters School is a credentialed program that trains  therapists and non-therapists to work as psychedelic guides. We teach mindfulness-based psychedelic journeywork practices that allow our students to safely facilitate transformative psychedelic healing experiences for their clients, while deepening their own self-exploration. 

 The Psychedelic Activism track of our program explores the use of psychedelic medicines for self, societal, and worldwide ecological healing. Currently offered online for the duration of Covid-19. 


The Heartship Experience is our way of bringing the psychedelic cannabis journeys we offer at our clinic to a wider network in a grassroots, affordable, and organic way. We train guides in the Medicinal Mindfulness protocols to lead local conscious cannabis journeys safely and effectively in their own hometowns, within their own communities. We believe that the work we are doing — at our clinic and throughout the psychedelic movement — is migrating towards a new paradigm of awakened consciousness. The Heartship Experience events and training bring our conscious cannabis circles to a wider network.

set, setting & skill

Most in the psychedelic community know the concept of “set and setting,” which refers to having the right mindset and the right setting in which to take psychedelic journeys. But what’s missing from this equation, in our estimation, is skill. Journeyers are often not taught how to navigate these experiences, so they are at the mercy of the medicine. 

At The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, we teach people how to work with the medicine: to breathe, to focus, to stay present during difficult experiences, to surrender when that’s what’s called for, to engage with the spirit of the plant, and to manifest and integrate after the journey. With these skills, healing happens faster and more effectively.

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Dr. Alyse Power

Dr. Alyse Power


Alison McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR

Alison McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR


Daniel McQueen, MA

Daniel McQueen, MA


Emily Boeschenstein, MA, NLC

Emily Boeschenstein, MA, NLC