Thank you for your interest in our Extended-State DMT research program (DMTx).  For those of you who don’t know us yet, I’d like to welcome you to the Medicinal Mindfulness community.  

My name is Daniel McQueen and I founded Medicinal Mindfulness with my wife, Alison, as a Psychedelic Harm Reduction program in Boulder, Colorado in 2012.  We represent a small grassroots consciousness community and host regular Community Breathwork events, psychedelic experiences called Conscious Cannabis Circles, and we guide a professional training program called Psychedelic Sitters School. 

A few years ago we started a community gathering and speaker series called Psychedelic Shine, and it was through this project that I met Dr. Rick Strassman, Dr. Dennis McKenna, and Dr. Andrew Gallimore, to name a few.  The process of creating psychedelic inspired programs, meeting innovative leaders in the field, and also the inner exploration this work requires, were all factors that initiated this journey into exploring Extended-State DMT research. It has been a wild and wonderful ride ever since, and we’re excited to step into the next stage of this work. 

It is our intention to create a sustainable, multi-generation DMT research program that is both congruent with scientific inquiry, as well as with the creative and spiritual interests and values of the psychedelic community.  We believe Extended-State DMT research is as much an expedition as it is a scientific experiment.  We believe it is both deeply inspiring and practically feasible.

For those of you who expressed interest in becoming volunteer psychonauts, I honor your passion and desire.  I’m inspired by this work as well.  The preliminary information many of you shared was extremely helpful, and we’re using what we learned to further clarify and develop the volunteer selection process.  We’d also like to thank Noonautics for their support in helping us consolidate the program after interest in the program went viral.  We ask for your patience as we step into this work in a way that is sustainable. 

To share an update on our progress, we would like to invite the community to our next Psychedelic Shine on Dec. 16th.  This will be our DMTx Update & Psychedelic Society Social.  This event is a community gathering and fundraiser for the DMTx research program.  It will be held on Dec. 16th at Vali Soul Sanctuary in Boulder, CO.  See the event poster below for additional information.  Vali Soul is a beautiful, private yoga studio and gathering space, and there are less than 100 tickets available for this event.  We’ll have good food and drinks, wonderful music (TBA in our next update), poetry, and great company. 

We’ll provide an update of our progress on Extended-State DMT research, and more information on our volunteer selection process.   We will also livestream the presentations for those of you who are out of town.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide additional email updates leading up to the event and then about once a month starting in 2018.  Our goal is to make the research as accessible as possible, and we will use this newsletter to answer questions and keep people informed. Unfortunately, due to the amount of interest, we may be unable to respond to inquires individually.

Please forward to friends and allies that might be interested, and like us on Facebook so we can continue to educate our community about this important project. Links to our website and some of our events are listed below. 

Our next update will include more information on the gathering, a complete musical lineup and sponsors, as well as additional articles and videos on our research.

Thanks so much for your interest in our project.  We are deeply inspired by the vision and transformational potential of Extended-State DMT research.  We hope to meet many of you soon. 

Daniel McQueen, MA
Director, Medicinal Mindfulness
DMTx Principal Organizer

Psychedelic Shine: DMTx Update Facebook Event Page
Extended-State DMT Research website
Psychedelic Shine YouTube Channel