Ganja Glowga & Gongs

Cannabis-assisted blacklight yoga and sound healing

Fuse three ancient medicines together during this night of cosmic vibrations.  Under the extramundane setting of blacklights, ceremoniously imbibe cannabis and then move through a cosmic, all-levels, intuitive yoga flow. Draw attention deep into your physical experience to recognize where dissonance dwells within your body. Through slow, meditative movements, gently relax; let go of stress and open the flow of energy through you. These intuitive movements will assist your container of consciousness to become supple as you lay down in Savasana to begin the gong bath sound healing.  Similar to Ganja Glowga, this practice is an all-levels, intuitive, yin-inspired (no standing postures) experience. The yoga is designed to stretch out your body enabling you to enter the sound healing in an open space, allowing the vibrations to move through you.

From soothing tongue drum tones to ancient singing bowls, gemstone crystal bowls, the Sun and Saturn Paiste planet gongs, chakra and planetary tuning forks, and more, the vast array of sounds will provide a cosmic experience within your corporeal being.

Enter the journey with a guided meditation held by the drone of the tanpura, be lulled into a trance by a space drum, metal bowls, and gemstone crystal bowls, and experience the deep, sensational healing and visual voyage of the gongs. After this vibrational journey, rattles, drums, ocarina, and chanting will awaken the body, as you are encouraged to ground back into your physical self. The heartbeat is felt, the breath expands, and you are welcomed home.

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