Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy™ (CAPT)

Welcome to the world of possibilities created by Psychedelic Cannabis.

In ancient times, Cannabis was considered a master plant teacher, the boon of deep meditation, and the creator and conqueror of worlds. It was only recently that it was degraded as the “gateway drug.” To us, it is the gateway medicine… to creative insights, physical and mental wellbeing, and deeply meaningful psychedelic experiences. Cannabis is a powerful feminist spirit, providing unconditional love and deep nurturing, while inviting us to face our deepest fears and aspects of being with resilience, perseverance and mastery. Cannabis is a consensual psychedelic, inviting, not requiring us to face ourselves for healing and awakening.


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Most clients describe psychedelic cannabis experiences as a powerful mushroom-like or ayahuasca-like journey with the emotional support of MDMA. Cannabis is as psychedelic as our other medicines, but combined with its effects on the endocannabinoid system, these experiences allow journeyers to maintain a greater sense of personal agency and an amplified somatic awareness. These traits support trauma resolution and healing.

The “Captain Protocol,” named from the acronym CAPT, and developed through the work of Daniel McQueen, and his book, Psychedelic Cannabis, is specifically designed to support both trauma and PTSD recovery, as well as extreme growth edges and advanced creative problem solving. As trauma-informed practitioners, we work with individuals who seek these deep, transformational healing experiences. As psychedelic guides, we work with our clients as creative explorers of consciousness, pushing the edges of human potential. Psychedelic cannabis journeys combine both of these into one profoundly transformational experience.

Psychedelic Intensives with Cannabis

Visit Psychedelic Intensives & Pricing to learn more about these intensives. A very brief description of each is provided here for your reference. All intensives include the necessary preparation and integration support and these sessions are added to the total hours of the series below.

  • Gateway – (12 hour Intensive) – Two psychedelic cannabis sessions over 2 days 
  • Greater Gateway (23 hour intensive) is a weeklong intensive comprising four 5-hour psychedelic cannabis series that includes Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork. 
  • Sanctuary – (19 hour intensive) – Two psychedelic cannabis and two ketamine sessions in a weeklong retreat
  • Weaver – (22 hour intensive) – A single psilocybin mushroom session between two psychedelic cannabis sessions
  • Helix Weaver – (31 hour intensive) – Two psilocybin mushroom sessions between two psychedelic cannabis sessions
  • Short Weaver – (17 hour intensive) – a single psychedelic cannabis experience followed by a psilocybin mushroom journey, great for 2 or 3 day, shorter expedition in consciousness

Dreamer (+3 to 5 hours as add-on) – a single DMT session with 2 journeys. Dreamer can be added to any of the above intensives, such as: Gateway Dreamer, Dreaming Sanctuary, Dream Weaver.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis sativa, more commonly known as marijuana, is an ancient, entheogenic plant medicine that originally grew in Central and South-East Asia. The psychoactive compounds, known as THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN, are found in the nectar of its very fragrant flowers. Cannabis is unique in that it has a multitude of effects, depending on what is known as sativas, or uplifting strains, indicas, or relaxing strains, and hybrids, strains considered heart opening.

While still federally scheduled, cannabis is legal to use on the state level for most Americans, and is federally legal in Canada, Mexico, and so many other countries now.

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness uses special flower vaporizers instead of pipes for health and safety reasons, and we only recommend working with cleanly grown organic flower. Cannabis tea experiences are also available.

How is Cannabis a Psychedelic?

Contrary to popular belief, Cannabis is a classic psychedelic. Until recently, however, it just wasn’t grown with the quality, potency, and unique characteristics required to actualize as a reliable psychedelic medicine. The War on Drugs grossly distorted our understanding of cannabis, even within the psychedelic therapy community, and this has limited our perception of what we thought possible. As cannabis legalization sweeps across the country, people are waking up to the incredible potential of this plant.

Clean, well grown, organic cannabis has evolved today to be exceptionally potent with THC levels testing around 25%-30%. When grown properly with care and love, the terpenes of cannabis can produce diverse olfactory profiles that contribute to the myriad of physiological and psychological effects that this amazing plant is capable of eliciting.

When certain cannabis strains are blended together and used in conjunction with other cannabinoids, cannabis indeed becomes extremely psychedelic, but with two unique primary qualities: a greater sense of agency and a greater somatic awareness and release of tension and trauma. 

Psychedelic cannabis supports us in many healing processes such as: 

  • Turning inward 
  • Resolving tensions stored deep within the body
  • Tracking inner sensations 
  • Releasing traumas from the nervous system 

Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy reframes the cannabis experience as not just a substance to be used in recreational settings, and expands upon the ever-increasing medical efficacy regularly being discovered. When used in an intentional container with a professionally trained psychedelic guide, this modality deepens the healing and transformational process and makes somatic (body-centered) trauma work more efficient and more effective.

General Psychedelic Effects of Cannabis Sativa

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness works with psychedelic cannabis, not only because it’s accessible for adults legally, but also because it’s an incredible medicine to combine with psychedelic therapy.

Psychedelic cannabis is the most widely accessible and effective psychedelic tool available today.

Clients frequently report:

  • Increased awareness of the physical body, possibly creating a form of synesthesia that combines our visual perception with proprioception (body awareness), called “Visual Proprioception”
  • Deep muscle relaxation leading to energetic discharges and trauma resolution, including the activation and clearing of the meridian and chakra channels, facilitating energy movement throughout the body, and profound new levels of nervous system regulation
  • Capacity to travel through memory, increased awareness of outdated mental patterns, judgments and anxieties, leading to resolutions of unhealthy processes
  • Deeper awareness of emotional processes and activation of emotional discharges leading to release and healing
  • Active dreamlike inner visual experience and clear capacity to imagine in a hyper-vivid inner reality
  • Extreme creative problem solving activation and increased connection to intuition and inspiration
  • Transpersonal phenomenon is quite common, such as visitations of entities that feel other than the self (ancestors, guides, angels, totems, etc) and deep spiritual states of being and non-being that more closely resemble unity consciousness and profound connections with the divine
  • Regularly activates synchronistic transformational growth experiences in the external (real world) field that must be engaged by the journeyer
  • A deep sense of presence, as opposed to being dissociative, or “out there” or “somewhere else”
  • Developing a sense of agency in life, feeling more in control of life situations and having more choice, feeling a deeper connection with their sense of purpose


What to Expect from a Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Session

Our standard psychedelic cannabis session is 5 hours, which includes a 3 to 3.5 hour psychedelic experience. We also offer a shorter, 3 hour session, for more psycholytic work. After checking in with your guide, you’ll be invited to intentionally take cannabis through a special flower vaporizer. Effects are almost immediate, and to help with the transition into a psychedelic state, the guide offers a gentle body scan meditation. The remainder of the experience is guided with gentle prompts of Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy, music, as well as skillful therapeutic interventions and somatic trauma interventions when appropriate or needed. At the end of the journey, our clients are offered snacks and a space to share more about their experience.

What is Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork?

Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork is a healing modality developed by Daniel McQueen that combines traditional breathwork practices with the consumption of psychedelic cannabis. The breathwork practice greatly amplifies the cannabis experience, making it much more somatic, and resulting in extreme breakthrough experiences. Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork is often offered on the second day of a Gateway Intensive, and is an excellent way to be launched into your next chapter. This practice is extremely popular with our clients. The felt sense of agency remains, however, our clients report profound psychedelic healing states.

Who is Psychedelic Cannabis For?

Because of our work with cannabis, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness unintentionally became the first natural medicine psychedelic center in the United States. Over the last 12 years, we have worked with the full spectrum of those seeking psychedelic experiences, from those seeking healing to those exploring the growth edges of human potential; usually, it’s both. 

Psychedelic cannabis is for:

  • Clients new to psychedelics who want to journey with a powerful and very safe medicine that allows journeyers to retain their sense of agency.
  • Experienced psychonauts who are curious about psychedelic cannabis and want to experience it. 
  • Clients who have tried traditional therapies and have not been satisfied with the results. 
  • Clients who are suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and feelings of meaninglessness. 
  • Clients who do not yet qualify for psilocybin mushrooms due to a medical contraindication, or who want to work up to a psilocybin mushroom session with cannabis as the bridge.
Is Cannabis Safe?

Cannabis is generally very safe, both physically and psychologically, and inhaling vaporized organic flower, as we offer it at the center, is the safest way to consume this medicine. There are very few, if any, medicine contraindications, and it is well tolerated by most individuals. The blends we use also reduce the likelihood of common side effects such as a racing heart, anxiety or paranoia. Furthermore, our Clinical Director and medical staff will only approve someone for this treatment if they believe the client will significantly benefit from working with this medicine. 

Cannabis is not dissociative, and although a strong psychedelic, clients regularly report maintaining their sense of agency and having a soft but still resilient ego structure. While cannabis is often described as the most intense experience of all the medicines, and is often described as more visual than even psilocybin mushrooms, the experience is simultaneously described as much more emotionally supportive than any of the other medicines.

What are Reasons Not To Take Cannabis?

Cannabis is not recommended for people with serious mental health disorders, particularly with symptoms of mania or psychosis. Generally, people have tried cannabis before coming to our clinic and would know if they are prone to unusual reactions to cannabis before consuming it in our setting. If you safely use cannabis on your own, it is safe to use as a psychedelic, but expect the experience to be quite different from when you have used it personally/recreationally. 

What Makes a CMM Guided Experience with Cannabis Different?

Cannabis is legal in most of the United States, and will continue to become more and more legal. About anyone who wants to can enjoy cannabis with their friends, or alone to relax after work or to help with sleep or to feel better from a migraine. We strongly support the medicinal and celebratory aspects of this medicine and strongly recommend bringing it into one’s life in a responsible and playful way. It is such a wonderful tool for symptom relief and management.

A psychedelic cannabis experience at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness is very different from any other cannabis experience, either in recreational or medicinal settings. Clients are invited to go very, very deep into fully immersive psychedelic states using guided imagery and music. In addition to this, many of our clients work with this medicine for really difficult trauma resolution work, and this isn’t really something that is safe to engage in without support and competent help. People who work with cannabis are looking for real healing in the body, mind and spirit.

How is Psychedelic Cannabis legal?

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness complies with all cannabis adult use laws for the consumption of cannabis sativa in Colorado. We have simply created a novel application for the private, personal use of cannabis for more than recreational or medical applications.

Does CMM provide the medicine?

Due to the nature of these laws and regulations, our cannabis consultant meets our clients at a cannabis dispensary so they can purchase a few grams of cannabis to make a special blend for the experience. This consultation is provided for free to all new clients of our program (a $125 value). It is an excellent introduction to cannabis dispensaries, and we teach you how to make your own blends for personal journeywork experiences.