Conscious Cannabis Events

Since the legalization of cannabis in 2014, Medicinal Mindfulness has been leading group psychedelic experiences that are safe, legal and deeply transformative.  Participants experience firsthand the true psychedelic nature of this humble plant ally. Most participants describe them as very similar to MDMA/Psilocybin or even like 2-3 hour Ayahuasca journeys.  Just because cannabis journeys are shorter than other psychedelics, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re less intense. The primary difference is a greater sense of agency and safety, with all of the benefits of other psychedelic medicine experiences.  

More information is listed below about our Cannabis Healing Meditations, Conscious Cannabis Circles, and Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Events.

Conscious Cannabis Events comply with all Colorado cannabis laws. These are private events and require a brief registration process as part of the ticket purchase.

Cannabis Healing Meditation

Conscious Cannabis Circles

Cannabis-assisted Breathwork

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