Conscious Cannabis and Breathwork Events*

*All events are pre-Covid and will resume as soon as it is safe to gather again.

Our Conscious Cannabis program started with an invitation from a friend to guide a group psychedelic experience using cannabis, back in 2014. We were all completely blown away by the potency of the experience! So much so that it changed the course of my life trajectory and became the lab in which we developed the Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy protocol. 

We spent years hosting regular monthly groups of 20-30 participants, and developed several amazing group experiences. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, all of our local groups are paused, however, even this has created opportunities for us to further adapt and evolve our program {link to heartships page}. 

Now, many practitioners, inspired by these groups, have started their own circles and similar programs throughout the country and Canada. These practitioners are spontaneously organizing into a practitioners union called the Conscious Cannabis Collective. 

We wanted to share the history and description of these programs so that we can inspire others and start them back up again when larger groups are possible. The years 2014-2020 were quite educational for our program!  


Conscious Cannabis Events

Since the legalization of cannabis in 2014, Medicinal Mindfulness has been leading group psychedelic experiences that are safe, legal and deeply transformative. Participants experience firsthand the true psychedelic nature of this humble plant ally. Most participants describe them as very similar to MDMA/psilocybin experiences or nearly indistinguishable from short ayahuasca journeys. Just because cannabis journeys are shorter than other psychedelics, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are less intense. The primary difference is a greater sense of agency and safety, with all of the benefits of other psychedelic medicine experiences.  

More information is listed below about our Conscious Cannabis Circles, Community Breathwork, Cannabis Healing Meditations, and Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Events.

Conscious Cannabis Events comply with all Colorado cannabis laws. These are private events and require a brief registration process as part of the ticket purchase.


Conscious Cannabis Circles

Our flagship program, Conscious Cannabis Circles, began in January 2014, as soon as it was legal to meet openly. CCCs combine ancient ceremonial, alchemical and mindfulness techniques with modern transpersonal theory and evocative music sets to create a doorway to experiencing deeply transformational psychedelic journeys using Cannabis sativa. When used skillfully, and with the right set and setting, cannabis has the ability to shapeshift into other psychedelics. Conscious Cannabis Circles are designed to elicit such experiences. Again, the primary difference being a greater sense of agency and safety.

The evening begins with community-building experientials, an introduction to the experience, and a brief tutorial on mindful journeywork practices. When the circle begins, participants imbibe their own cannabis, or a community blend, with intention, and are then gently guided through an imaginal relaxation meditation before allowing the live music sets performed live by Nibumbu or deejayed by Daniel to evoke an experience of profound depth and personal meaning. Journeys are two and a half to three hours in length with a break in the middle, creating two journey sets. The experience is followed by community sharing, personal reflecting, process art, snacks, and other intentional integration processes. The workshops are 4.5 to 5 hours long from beginning to end.

Join a community of new and experienced journeyers as we embark on an inner/transpersonal odyssey of incredible adventure. We honor all aspects of inner exploration, creating an experience that allows for individual intentions such as spiritual connection and awakening, deep soul and psychological healing, creativity and play, and creative problem solving, skill mastery and general curiosity.


Community Breathwork

A safe and sacred breathwork practice using curated music and guided meditation.

Join us as we celebrate our human potential of transformation, healing and awakening through our own breath.  We use specially curated music — live music by Nibumbu or deejayed by Daniel — and a transpersonally-aligned breathwork practice to enter an inner world of the imagination and somatic experience, leading to deep transformation, physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and encounters with the numinous and the Divine.

An ongoing breathwork practice guides profound healing and life transformation. Guided since December 2015, Community Breathwork is one of the few ongoing breathwork community practices with live music in the United States.  

The workshop begins with a brief group conversation and instructions on the breathwork practice. We’ll then take a break before starting the session. The breathwork experience will last about an hour and half and we’ll have plenty of integration time afterwards with juice and snacks. The program begins at 6:30, and is set to end around 9:30 pm “ceremony time,” meaning it could go a little later.

The breathwork practice itself is a very simple circular breathing pattern that elicits journey experiences similar to psychedelics but with pronounced physical sensations and big emotions. Medicinal Mindfulness practices a hands-off approach and only intervenes at the request of our participants or for safety. This may include being a gentle presence or hand holding. Participants experience energetic releases of stuck emotions and trauma, heal old experiences, and generally feel emotionally lighter after just a single session. Advanced creative problem solving can also be a big part of a journeyer’s experience.   

The primary reason we put the word “Community” into Community Breathwork is to acknowledge our goal of creating community-inspired transformational experiences that are guided by members of the community.  

[Add link to the Community Breathwork page which lets people register and tells them what to bring and has the release form]


Cannabis Healing Meditation

Developed in 2016, the Cannabis Healing Meditation is a guided healing meditation practice that incorporates the skillful use of Cannabis sativa. The program includes guided healing meditations with gentle, relaxing music and is intended as an introductory experience for those new to psychedelics and intentional cannabis use, or those using cannabis to find relief from physical pain or psychological conditions.

Learn experientially how to use cannabis-assisted, body focused, mindfulness practices to alleviate pain, heal your body and mind, and to move beyond coping and towards profound healing. Using cannabis skillfully in this way directly addresses the energetic and emotional systems that affect health, can amplify the healing experience, and shorten the duration of the healing process.

Participants share a group preparation and integration process before imbibing with intention. The healing meditation consists of one music set (no break) and lasts about an hour and a half to two hours, within a four hour workshop. The journey includes guided meditations and gentle music. After the journey, participants will circle to share, learn integration techniques and ways to further their practice while having healthy snacks and juice.

Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork  

Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork is by far the most profound psychedelic experience we offer. It combines a modified Community Breathwork practice with a Conscious Cannabis Experience and a different recommended blend of cannabis. Participants regularly describe experiences similar to N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT in their level of intensity, but of longer duration, like a short ayahuasca session. Unlike these medicines, participants further note the increased sense of agency. 

Experiments with Cannabis-assisted Breathwork began in 2017 as we worked to combine the two modalities. Since then it has evolved into its own practice, combining a series of circular breathing sections that intensify over time, interspersed with moments of suspension. This is followed by either a single set of music similar to a Conscious Cannabis Circle, or even two sets of music with a break in the middle. Typical experiences are two hours for a single set, or 3-3.5 for two sets. 

Journeys are followed by community sharing, personal reflecting, process art, snacks, and other intentional integration processes. Advanced medicine practitioners, as well as regular cannabis users, regularly report extremely evocative psychedelic states. Conscious Cannabis Circles can be deeply healing, incredibly evocative, and a lot of fun.