Conscious Cannabis Circles

Our flagship program, Conscious Cannabis Circles, combine ancient ceremonial, alchemical and mindfulness techniques with modern transpersonal theory and evocative music sets to create a doorway to experiencing deeply transformational psychedelic journeys using cannabis sativa. When used skillfully, and with the right set and setting, cannabis has the ability to mimic other psychedelics. Conscious Cannabis Circles are designed to elicit such experiences. Again, the primary difference being a greater sense of agency and safety.

The evening begins with community building experientials, an introduction to the experience, and a brief tutorial on mindful journeywork practices. When the circle begins, participants imbibe their own cannabis with intention and are then gently guided through a imaginal relaxation meditation before allowing the live music sets performed by Nibumbu to evoke an experience of profound depth and personal meaning. Journeys are two and a half to three hours in length with a break in the middle. The experience is followed by community sharing, personal reflecting, process art, snacks, and other intentional integration processes.

Join a community of new and experienced journeyers as we embark on an inner/transpersonal odyssey of incredible adventure. We honor all aspects of inner exploration, creating an experience that allows for individual intentions such as spiritual connection and awakening, deep soul and psychological healing, creativity and play, and creative problem solving, skill mastery and general curiosity.