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Mark Braunstein, D.O., ABPN

Cannabis Psychiatrist

Dr. Mark Braunstein, DO, is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist with a background in wilderness psychiatry, osteopathic medicine, cannabis psychiatry and a passion for helping people to use less psychiatric medication.

He has been in the trenches treating serious mental illness since graduating medical school in 1997. Dr. B., as referred to by patients and colleagues, started his psychiatry career working in the jails of New Mexico. From there, he treated severely mentally ill patients in the state hospitals of Main. Moving to Colorado in 2002 he started his private practice and began combining cannabis medicine with psychiatry.

Not long after, he was sought out to work for a wilderness therapy treatment center. He was not only essential in combining the fields of psychiatry and wilderness therapy, but pioneered a new way to treat patients in this realm. He created a industry-specific model that others now follow. While working with patients who were spending three months at a time in the wilderness, he found they were coming in overmedicated and leaving very well on none, or at least, much less medication. A large part of this due to the powerful combination of wilderness therapy, coupled with integrative and holistic medicine and Dr. B.’s unique treatment style. His uncanny knack for creating a safe space for patients to be honest and raw, have yielded unmatched results. Educating his patients on issues and medications while infusing a collaborative approach, have been catalysts for empowering his patients to become better advocates for their own health and wellbeing.

Witnessing these results spurned a passion for helping people outside of wilderness therapy to minimize or stop their psychiatric medications via other modalities of healing, including medical cannabis. Over the past sixteen years of practice, he has treated over ten thousand people with medical cannabis. He now specializes in treating psychiatric disorders with medical cannabis, adjusting their dosages and changing formulations, using an evidenced-based approach to cannabinoid science in prescribing marijuana as a medicinal treatment.