About the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

Established 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness became the first Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy, Psychedelic Therapy & Conscious Cannabis organization in the United States, and pioneered a new psychedelic therapy modality called Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy.


We have since become an established leader in the emerging field of Psychedelic Therapy, and safe and legal Psychedelic Experiences.  Medicinal Mindfulness practitioners provide a number of psychedelic cannabis and psychedelic ketamine related services, from individual psychotherapy to large group retreats and training programs.



In addition to a six-office psychotherapy and ketamine therapy suite in Boulder, Colorado, the center also provides psychedelic cannabis experiences in private retreat locations and a large group yoga facility just outside the city, all in full compliance of Colorado cannabis law and zoning requirements.


Medicinal Mindfulness is not just a psychedelic therapy clinic, however. We are an intentional psychedelic community that promotes safe and intentional psychedelic medicine use practices for personal and global healing and transformation.  

Meet our practitioners.


Primary Orientation


Medicinal Mindfulness integrates the four primary paradigms of psychedelic medicine use (the Creative, Scientific, Psychological & Spiritual) to elicit profound psychedelic healing and transformational experiences in a safe, legal and supportive environment.


These experiences can be geared to individual one-on-one sessions to support the healing of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction and other emotional struggles. They can also be used to explore the extreme growth edges of our human potential. In addition to private sessions, these experiences can be shared in small groups, private retreats, or at our ongoing community programs, our Conscious Cannabis Events and Community Breathwork experiences.


Our program is a safe space.  We are trauma-informed, clinically-trained, psychedelic activists, psychotherapists and healer-explorers. Our approach is Transpersonally-aligned, somatic (body-centered) and mindfulness based. Medicinal Mindfulness has helped establish professional psychedelic therapists and grassroots psychedelic communities in multiple cities in the United States and Canada. Our trained practitioners are actively facilitating psychedelic experiences in legal settings throughout the country.


Join the cutting-edge field of Psychedelic Therapy by participating in our events or services or by attending Psychedelic Sitters School, the Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Training Program. Our team is comprised of experts in many areas of psychedelics, psychotherapy, psychiatry and activism. For more information, please continue to explore this site and email us with any questions.


We’re here to support you in your healing and awakening process.