Cannabis Healing Meditation

The Cannabis Healing Meditation is a guided healing meditation practice that incorporates the skillful use of cannabis sativa. The program includes guided healing meditations with gentle, relaxing music and is intended as an introductory experience for those new to psychedelics and intentional cannabis use, or those using cannabis to find relief from physical or psychological conditions.

Learn experientially how to use cannabis-assisted, body focused, mindfulness practices to alleviate pain, heal your body and mind, and to move beyond coping and towards profound healing. Using cannabis skillfully in this way directly addresses the energetic and emotional systems that affect health, can amplify the healing experience and shorten the duration of the healing process.

Participants share a group preparation and integration process before imbibing with intention. The healing meditation lasts about an hour and a half to two hours and includes guided meditations and gentle music. After the journey, participants will circle to share, learn integration techniques and ways to further their practice while having a healthy snacks and juice.