Art and the Body

Art-making is a whole-body sensory experience which can awaken and enliven us as we create. Colors splash across the page, and onto our skin, and our bodies move in hundreds of various rhythms to create.  Our breath intensifies and regulates over the course of an art-making session. In a world so filled with flat screens, art materials bring us back into the wisdom and aliveness of our own bodies. They engage our senses and call us home. 

Pleasure and Remembering How to Feel Good 

In some ways Art Therapy is simple: making art is fun, and that makes us feel better! Getting our hands covered with clay, watching vibrant paint colors spread across the canvas, mixing watercolor for the sheer pleasure of it, being surprised with what happens, watching something fall apart and come back together in a new way… these experiences bring us pleasure and can make us feel really good. With trauma, grief, and general life stressors sometimes we get overwhelmed and forget to enjoy ourselves. We can forget how to feel good. Art Therapy supports clients in remembering how to feel good. 

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“Maybe our Imagination isn’t where we go to escape reality but where we go to remember it. Maybe inside our imagination are our marching orders.”

– Glennon Doyle