CCE Participation Agreement Form & Safety Self-Assessment


A Conscious Cannabis Experience can be just as evocative as other psychedelic substances. These experiences are very safe when the right preconditions are present, so it is important to be honest with yourself about your readiness. A private, or small group session may sometimes be more appropriate than our community events. Contraindications (reasons not to attend) include, but are not limited to pregnancy and serious physical health problems such as cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness, or epilepsy, or severe mental illness such as severe/acute anxiety or other mood disorders, psychosis, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, acute/unprocessed trauma and PTSD, acute addictions, suicidal ideation/self harm and tendencies for disruptive behavior. Use our Psychedelic-Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment to make an informed decision. An optional 30 minute safety evaluation can be scheduled for $100. We are happy to answer simple questions through email correspondence as well.

Conscious Cannabis Experiences are very safe but are not for everyone. The CCE Participation Agreement is our Full Disclosure Form and must be signed in order to participate. You are required to complete it for your first event and then will only once a year after that.

  Sign your required forms.