Vision Statement

We envision a world where people use psychedelic medicines safely and effectively for the benefit of humanity and our shared ecology.

Mission Statement

Through education and research, we help individuals and communities safely explore open, legal, and ethical psychedelic medicine practices for the benefit of humanity and our shared ecology.

Board of Directors 

Daniel McQueen, MA, Naropa University Alumnus, Travis Cox, Ph.D., Naropa University Faculty and Member of the Naropa University Board of Directors, Carla Clements, Ph. D. Retired Naropa University Faculty and Former Director of the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department.

Co-Executive Directors  

Daniel McQueen & Travis Cox




Initial programs include:

Psychedelics & Spirituality Programs

  • Develop a code of ethics and moral conduct for modern psychedelic communities and professional practitioners based on Whiteheadian philosophy and other western religious/spiritual traditions, and to engage in mutual learning and support with communities of traditional, ancient and indigenous spiritual/religious/psychedelic practices.

  • Develop credentialing requirements based on these codes for the legitimate facilitation of psychedelic experiences outside the solely clinical and medical models.

  • Provide scholarships to underserved populations for psychedelic therapy, research grants for innovators in the field, and psychedelic education opportunities for the general population.

  • Fund and support psychedelic research and expeditions in consciousness for the benefit of society and our ecology

  • Support “underground medicine practitioners” transitioning to legal practices

  • Support “psychedelic curious” people beginning their exploration in safe and legal psychedelic practices.


Psychedelics & Sustainability Programs

  • Articulate the connections between psychedelics and sustainability

  • Develop psychedelic protocols that support “ecological problem solving”

  • Legal Peyote cultivation for sustainability and conservation (DEA License)

  • Hemp for Climate Change

  • Join Decriminalize Nature Movement or propose our own local measures

  • Join Extinction Rebellion

  • Advocate for the safe, sacred, accessible, and culturally conscious use of psychedelics to assist in the project of sustainability, particularly as it pertains to existential distress, addiction to consumerism, and the depression and apathy that result when an individual confronts the ecological issues of our time