Clinic Team


 Jai Reese, BA

Medicine Integration Guide and Clinic Management Support

Pronouns (they, them, their/s)

I am a medicine integration guide and I support the clinic management and communications at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. I am from Ute territory in what is currently also called Salt Lake City, Utah. I have had a bond with plants, elements, and animals since I was young. I continue to cultivate a bond to landscapes and their inhabitants alongside the experience of my trans* identity, an identity that is similar to nature’s diverse manifestations–moving across, beyond, between, within, and around cis, white, heteronormative cultural paradigms. This confluence of identity and nature are also where transpersonal understandings, medicine work, and undomesticated spiritual connection merge for me. As far as my educational background, my bachelor majors are in Psychology and Gender Studies from the University of Utah and I have done a year of Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy at Naropa University’s master’s program. I have training through Medicinal Mindfulness’ Psychedelic Sitter School and am glad to apprentice in our Affordable Psychedelic Therapy Program in order to offer individuals more accessible services. My professional employment background includes working as a head instructor at a youth Wilderness Therapy program in Utah, volunteering as a certified yoga instructor at the Utah Pride Center, and acting as a part time Case Manager at a home for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. I am passionate about the intersection of social justice and mental health and I attune to ability, race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality within myself and those I engage with and support.


  • Ritual Life and Identity Transition Support

  • 3 hour cannabis sessions

  • 2 Hour Psycholytic Cannabis Sessions

  • Nature and Place Meditations

  • Soul Work Dialoguing and Integration Guiding


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