Austin Leffel, BAAustin Leffel, BA

Intake Coordinator and Psychedelic Sitter for the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

Austin was called to the healing potential of psychedelic medicines in 2018, and after experiencing the benefits of this work first-hand, he is dedicating his life to helping others find their own deep healing in this way. With experiential learning at the heart of Austin’s personal and professional development, he has experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds who are interested in cultivating a deeper connection to oneself, breaking the cycle of addiction and problematic substance use as coping mechanisms, and exploring the depths of spirituality in a collaborative and non-judgemental capacity.

Austin has completed advanced training and credentialing in Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Guiding as well as trauma-informed somatic interventions and suicide prevention. He was also trained by advanced practitioners at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness in Psilocybin Support Services and Harm Reduction. Austin works full time at our clinic in Boulder and is honored to be collaborating closely with our Clinical & Medical Directors in providing high quality care to our clients. Austin identifies as a BIPOC and LGBTQI+ ally and is committed to supporting individuals from all walks of life on their healing journey.