Dr. Alyse Power, MD

Medical Director, Leadership Team

Dr. Alyse Power, MD is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician from Austin, TX.

She has received extensive training in Ketamine-Assisted Therapy with Dr. Philip Wolfson of the prestigious Ketamine Training Center and with Dr. Naveen Thomas of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. She is passionate about providing safe, legal and ethical medical oversight for clients experiencing transformational healing through psychedelic therapy. Alyse is whole-heartedly pioneering in the development of best practices in legal psychedelic medicine, and is especially passionate about the role they play in personal growth, anxiety and depression and trauma resolution. She is of the opinion that our struggling world is in desperate need of these kinds of interventions, and is honored to integrate her vast experience of the medical and pharmacological realm with the expertise of the practitioners at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness.

With initial aspirations to become a veterinarian, Alyse completed her undergraduate education with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Neuroscience. This led her to adventures in a South African baboon rehabilitation center and on a study abroad safari which changed her perspective and her path. While she will always love and care for animals, she decided to switch species and focus her career on the care of her fellow humans. She completed medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and Family Medicine Residency in Anchorage, Alaska. Alyse has primarily been working as a Hospitalist and Emergency Medicine provider throughout the Pacific Northwest up until her relocation to Denver.

Through her residency and subsequent employment and training, Alyse has managed care for critically ill patients in resource-poor and often geographically isolated environments in rural Alaska, implemented medical care and compassionate practices to support patients and families as they navigate exceedingly difficult and emotionally trying situations. Alyse has worked with patients who are experiencing a number of different mental health issues, including depressive disorders, adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD and other traumatic disorders, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders, often accompanied by various other acute and chronic medical conditions. Through this, she has acquired a diverse and unique skill set, including a staunch dedication to compassionate bedside manner and an ability to be present with people in difficult states.

Alyse is a firm believer in the power of legal psychedelic medicines and the ability they have to guide healing, growth and discovery in a way that often eludes modern western medicine practices, and the potential applications it has for the future of healthcare. She is passionate about the implications of holistic and transformational processes in the healing of other physical and addiction disorders as well, and how we can integrate these medicines with western medical practices, as well as other holistic practices such as acupuncture and yoga.

When she isn’t working, you can find Alyse with her wife, probably laughing and making witty jokes, enjoying live music, and trying to spread the gift that is biodegradable glitter to as many people and situations as possible. Alyse also enjoys nature photography, traveling, and any kind of wilderness adventures that involve water.