Kevin ThorbahnKevin Thorbahn

Cultivation Specialist and Educator

Kevin Thorbahn is a caretaker of medicinal plants and fungi and has been cultivating and working with plant medicines for over 20 years.

Kevin has a degree in Biology and Chemistry and worked professionally for 15 years within the biotech industry focusing on molecular biology and genetics.  Kevin’s passion for biology and all things plants and fungi started at a young age exploring the rivers and woods of northwest Ohio.  He trusts the power of plants and fungi and in the transformation and healing potential that they hold.

After joining the DMTx team in 2018, Kevin relocated to Colorado to pursue his passion with plants and fungi where more liberal laws around cannabis and fungi allow a deeper exploration of his interests.  Kevin is currently working for an Organic Living Soil company and owns and operates a mushroom supply company out of western Colorado.

Kevin is happy to join the Medicinal Mindfulness family as an educator and gardening expert and hopes to share his enthusiasm, passion and experience with the community. He is excited to help educate, and help others discover and create a relationship with plants and fungi while teaching how to personally cultivate medicines in full compliance with Colorado law.