Martha Ann Hammel, MS, CNS

Martha Ann Hammel is a certified nutrition specialist, natural-food chef, psychedelic educator, and activist. She earned a Master of Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2016 and completed her thesis on the intersection of emotional trauma, addiction, and gut health. She specializes in brain health, gut health, depression, eating disorders, addiction recovery, and stress response.

Using functional medicine and amino acid therapy to help clients rebalance mood and neurotransmitter function, Martha is trained as a neuro-nutrient recovery specialist with Christina Vesalak at the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition. This approach is particularly helpful for patients weaning off pharmaceutical medications or reducing their drug and/or alcohol use.

Martha has received advanced training in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness and completed a practicum in Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy. She trains integration coaches on Being True to You to provide preparation and integration support for clients receiving ketamine therapy. She has worked alongside medical cannabis expert Dr. Joe Cohen to support the treatment of dementia, autoimmune conditions, gut health, and eating disorders. She is an outspoken activist in the Colorado psychedelic community, promoting policy reform and psychedelic harm reduction across the state.

Martha’s journey with nutrition and psychedelics began simultaneously. Her first encounter with non-ordinary states of consciousness was with a psilocybin journey during her high school years. This experience led to a remission of long standing anorexia, depression, anxiety and suicidality. During the integration period, she had a realization that she wanted to guide others out of disordered eating. The messages from that experience still resonate, and have contributed as her main drive in her journey with nutrition. She is thrilled to see that potential for psychedelics in treating eating disorders is finally being recognized in clinical literature.

Here at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, Martha collaborates with our clinical team of medical doctors and mental health professionals to support our clients in their transformational work. When she’s not excitedly talking about psychedelic research or espousing the virtues of eating more vegetables, you can find her in the mountains, skiing, biking, running, climbing, or stretched out, gazing at the stars.

Martha feels especially called to support: 

  • Those struggling with eating disorders
  • People reevaluating their relationship with drugs and alcohol
  • Anyone working with a psychiatrist to wean of psychotropic medications
  • Skeptics; those unsure about the psychedelic culture


  • Nutrition support
  • Psychedelic Harm Reduction Education
  • Mentorship during psycho-spiritual growing pains
  • Amino Acid Therapy
  • Physiological and Nutritional preparation and integration support through  transformational experiences

What is Amino Acid Therapy?

All proteins in the body, including neurotransmitters, are produced from amino acids. Supplementing with the amino acid precursors may increase the body’s production of neurotransmitters. Julia Ross explains more in her book The Mood Cure. 

People will react differently to amino acids, and it’s recommended that you do a test before developing a protocol. The amino acid test involves you taking amino acids, one at a time, over a video call so we can see which aminos will be most supportive to you. Amino acids are helpful to reduce cravings and balance mood and particularly supportive with those who self medicate with drugs, alcohol, or food. They are helpful to reduce cravings and balance mood.

Amino acid therapy is recommended for anyone who is struggling with drug, alcohol, or food cravings, anyone working with their physician to wean off psychotropic medications, or anyone looking for a boost in mood.