Rev. Kristen Psaki

Interim Executive Director
The Medicinal Mindfulness Center for Psychedelics, Spirituality & Sustainability

Rev. Kristen Psaki is an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister and lifelong seeker of the sacred. Living in growing reverence to the ancient wisdom of plants and the Indigenous cultures that preserved these medicines, Kristen trusts in the transformative power of Love and roots deeply in the knowing that healing and justice are possible in this life.

Kristen comes to this role with experience in faith-based community organizing and non-profit emergence. Alongside fellow field organizers fresh off the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, Kristen co-founded Groundswell whose mission is to build community power through neighborhood renewable energy projects. She received her Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in NYC with a focus in Psychology & Religion and holds advanced training in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy through Psychedelic Sitters School with The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness.

Kristen identifies as a white bodied, cis-gendered, queer and temporarily able-bodied woman who grew up with class privilege. Committed to the movement to decolonize psychedelics, Kristen brings a particular focus to confronting the ways white supremacy culture is shaping the psychedelic renaissance. She grounds in the knowing that intentional partnership with psychedelics can allow us to see and to feel the painful truth of the collective past and present when it remains in the shadows – while gifting us an opportunity to reweave a future where all are free.

Alongside her role with The Medicinal Mindfulness Center for Psychedelics, Spirituality & Sustainability Kristen serves as a Minister & Psychedelic Guide with The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness and specializes in Psychedelic Assisted Spiritual Companionship through Dying, Death, Grief & Loss.