Stacey SicklerStacey Sickler, BA


Graduating from Drury University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Stacey started her career off as a community organizer which ignited her passion for relationship building and connecting people to action. From working on health care reform, she moved into nonprofit programming and fundraising. She’s done it all – corporate sponsorship, peer-to-peer fundraising, major gifts, and annual campaigns. Medicinal Mindfulness came into her life serendipitously – they were looking for someone to build their new nonprofit and she was looking for a new role that aligned with her passions. After a few months of nonprofit consulting, Stacey officially joined the team in December 2021. Along with building the nonprofit, she also manages projects for Medicinal Mindfulness. When she’s not talking about how transformative psychedelic cannabis is, she’s out enjoying Colorado’s beautiful landscapes or getting creatively messy making pottery.