Psychedelic Integration Circle of Boulder

Working with psychedelic medicines will often inspire peak experiences, powerful insights, and deep revelations that can fundamentally change our perception of ourselves and the world around us. But how do we unpack and incorporate these experiences in a way that is both meaningful and sustainable for long-term change and benefit? The Psychedelic Integration Circle of Boulder is an offering from Medicinal Mindfulness to help explorers deepen their medicine work by focusing attention on post-experience processing. Facilitated by Daniel McQueen, this group aims at building a supportive and safe space for individuals to deepen their integration through discussion, open process, and interpersonal reflection with like-minded and non-judgmental explorers.



75 Manhattan, Suite 106, Boulder, CO 80303


1st and 3rd Monday’s of the month
Please arrive on time; We will meet outside on the deck facing the road and we’ll go in together.

75 Manhattan, Suite 106

Boulder, Colorado 80303


$20 session