Psychedelic Intensives & Pricing


The Seven Psychedelic Intensives of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

We invite you to explore this page to learn more about our psychedelic intensives, and when you are ready, set up a discovery call to speak with a team member about working with us. To learn more about the process, visit our What to Expect page. 

We have cultivated seven unique psychedelic “intensives” that combine medical oversight with psycho-spiritual support within a creative, trauma-informed, transpersonal paradigm for supported personal use. The infusion of multiple orientations of advanced psychedelic guiding practices are paired with a series of psychedelic medicine sessions that could include: psychedelic cannabis, ketamine, psilocybin mushrooms and natural N,N-DMT (the multi-medicine aspect of the work). We work legally in Colorado through the Natural Medicine Health Act and other regulations and can tailor these retreats to meet the specific needs and intentions of our clients. We address both substantial areas for personal growth and provide safety and support for clients with significant clinical concerns. Explore our specialties page for detailed information on the specific areas we focus on.

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness holds a unique position in crafting protocols that integrate various psychedelic medicines tailored to match the specific needs and intentions of our clients. This ability sets us apart from other programs and clinics. For example, a ketamine clinic is limited to working exclusively with ketamine, while a psilocybin mushroom healing center focuses solely on psilocybin mushrooms. 

The intensives listed below represent our 7 most frequent and impactful protocols. They have been developed over many years of practice and can be tailored through variants to match the needs of our clients by adjusting intensity/dose, duration, and by types of ingestion. Explore and play by dreaming here, but you don’t have to know every step of your path to start it. We will support you in coming to a decision about what will be most suited to your particular needs and intentions. 

Each intensive below has at least one to two preparation and one to two integration sessions, and many of the longer intensives have a mid integration session as well. These are included in the total hours but we didn’t want to be redundant with these descriptions. Please note that these are copyrighted, trademarked protocols of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. 

For additional information about the protocols and pricing, explore the FAQ and pricing calculator at the bottom of this page.  

1. Gateway - (12 hour Intensive) - Two Psychedelic Cannabis Sessions

Composed of two 5-hour psychedelic cannabis sessions, with optional cannabis-assisted breathwork during the second session, Gateway is a deep dive into both psyche and agency/personal power. Most clients describe psychedelic cannabis as a mushroom or ayahuasca-like journey with the emotional support of MDMA (and with none of the meth-like side effects). And yes, cannabis is very much a psychedelic. The Captain Protocol, developed through the work of Daniel McQueen, is also specifically designed to support trauma and PTSD recovery, as well as growth edges and creative problem solving.

Variant: Greater Gateway is a weeklong intensive comprising four 5-hour psychedelic cannabis series that includes Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork (23 hour intensive).

Breathwork: Non-medicine and psychedelic assisted breathwork sessions are available. One example is Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork on the second day of a Gateway series. Ask about breathwork if you are interested. It is a powerful way to break through stuckness, or to amplify a psychedelic medicine experience.

2. Luminous - (8 hour intensive) - Two Ketamine Sessions

Composed of two 3-hour psychedelic ketamine sessions, with an optional booster for deep dive experiences, Luminous offers an opportunity to shine the light of the cosmos through our entire being, creating balance, homeostasis and a return to our innermost resource. These journeys are often deeply inspiring, otherworldly experiences. We are not your typical ketamine clinic. Sessions are always provided with both medical and guided oversight. Intramuscular shots and lozenges are available.

Variants: Additional Luminous options are the Luminous Star Series (includes four 3-hour ketamine sessions and a total of 15 hrs of support) and the Luminous Nova Series (includes six 3-hour ketamine sessions and a total of 22 hrs of support).

The Luminous Nova Series is designed to exemplify standard “Ketamine for Depression” clinical protocols, but with our transpersonal orientation and more in depth support. The actual series can be adjusted to fit individual client needs.  We offer shorter, 2-hour ketamine sessions to enhance financial accessibility or for use during the maintenance stage of support. However, please note that these shorter sessions do not include a booster.

3. Sanctuary - (19 hour intensive) - Two Psychedelic Cannabis and Two Ketamine Sessions

Combining the Gateway and Luminous Series, the Luminous Gateway, two 5-hour psychedelic cannabis and two 3-hour ketamine sessions within a 5 day intensive, gives us Sanctuary. Sanctuary is for deep dives into our past for resolution and healing, as well as exploring future inspirations and what we are called to live into. We call these “Chapter Turning Experiences” for a reason. This series is designed to provide support through advanced Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy both for severe trauma resolution as well as advanced integration of extreme personal growth. Psychedelic cannabis supports trauma recovery in the body, while ketamine provides profound nervous system regulation. Also known as the “weeklong intensive,” Sanctuary is one of our most popular intensives.

Sanctuary is typically completed over a 5-day week with a middle integration session, and is an excellent deep dive for out of town visitors.

Variant: Helix Sanctuary, a 28 hour intensive, is the Sanctuary with an additional psilocybin mushroom session and additional integration support, generally spread out over 7-10 days.

4. Helix & Double Helix - (12 hour and 21 hour Intensives) - Single or Two Psilocybin Mushroom Sessions

We begin to explore our psilocybin mushroom personal use support protocols with the Helix, a single, full day (8-hour) mushroom experience, and the Double Helix, a series of two 8-hour mushroom experiences. For these sessions, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness works in partnership with our religious non-profit, MM Foundation, to provide our clients with a substantial amount of personal support for fully immersive, clinical level, supratherapeutic, classic psilocybin mushroom journeys. As an important safety measure, the mushrooms are tested for potency and gifted through the foundation so we know what our clients are taking. The Double Helix as it facilitates a smoother transition into the process because of the two sessions. However, we acknowledge the advantages of a single session series, Helix, which proves beneficial for many of our clients.

All mushroom experiences require a secondary sitter. This is due to their nature, the current societal moment, and to provide the highest level of safety and support. This assistant sitter is included in the cost. We love providing this service and are honored to be stewards of this medicine. Please see our statement on awareness of cultural aspects of sacred mushrooms here.

While these sessions fall under the “supported personal use” model of the Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act, they are designed with the same specifications of the Johns Hopkins psilocybin research and other clinical standards, but applied within an individualized setting to increase the efficacy of the experience. Any therapeutic results are natural side-effects of “supported personal use” of psilocybin mushrooms. Visit this page for more information on the research. Additional preparation and integration support sessions are also provided.

Variant: Triple Helix, a 30 hour intensive, is a variant that includes three progressively intense psilocybin mushroom sessions that is designed to mirror the current research on the treatment of OCD. Again, any therapeutic outcomes that may result in this series are simply natural side-effects of “supported personal use.”

5. Weaver - (22 hour intensive) - A Single Psilocybin Mushroom Session Between Two Cannabis Sessions

We begin to weave mycelium webs together with other medicines now, first with a series called Weaver, consisting of two 5-hour psychedelic cannabis experiences holding a full psilocybin mushroom journey between them. The psychedelic cannabis allows the psyche to step more confidently into deeper waters, tempered and lightened, and then helps us integrate the lessons of those deep waters on the other side through greater self acceptance and love. Weaver is a deep body and light body healer. Weaver is for those ready to heal the ancestral or intergenerational memories they hold in their bodies.

Weaver is typically completed over a 4 or 5-day period with a middle integration session, and is an excellent deep dive for locals and out of town visitors alike.

Variants: Helix Weaver is the same as the Weaver but with two psilocybin mushroom sessions between the two cannabis sessions, usually over a one to two week period (31 hour intensive).

Short Weaver is a single psychedelic cannabis experience followed by a psilocybin mushroom journey, great for 2 or 3 day, shorter expedition in consciousness (17 hour intensive).

6. Explorer - (18 hour intensive) - A Single Psilocybin Mushroom Session Between Two Ketamine Sessions

Similar to Weaver, Explorer brings together two ketamine sessions to hold a psilocybin mushroom session between them. This intensive is a magical, cosmic experience of Body, Mind, Spirit to Soul level resolution, healing and awakening. We call this journey, Explorer, because we lighten our hearts as we dive into the big places of our psyches and beyond. Like cannabis, Ketamine prepares and helps integrate the mushroom experience… just… differently. Explorer is for those looking for deep physiological and psychological resets, who are ready to face themselves with the support of both infinity and euphoria.

Explorer is typically completed over a 4 or 5-day period with a middle integration session, and is an excellent deep dive for locals and out of town visitors alike.

Variants: Helix Explorer is the same as the Explorer but with two psilocybin mushroom sessions between the two ketamine sessions, usually over a one to two week period (27 hour intensive).

Short Explorer is a single ketamine experience followed by a psilocybin mushroom journey, great for 2 or 3 day, shorter expedition in consciousness (15 hour intensive).

7. Dreamer (+3 hours as add-on or 5 hours as standalone) - A Single Natural DMT Session

What is possible now through the Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act is truly amazing. Dreamer is the addition of a 3 hour naturally extracted N,N-DMT personal use support session to another intensive, through means of vaping, or a standalone session with preparation and integration support. Due to the new complexity this session offers in this current society context, this is generally offered to clients solely looking for personal growth applications, or end of life care.

These experiences are very short, so we can offer two journeys in the session (if you want), starting with a lower dose to test the waters.

NOTE: Only Psychedelic Specialists provide services related to Dreamer. If you would like to work with another guide who isn’t a psychedelic specialist for a larger series, your guide will provide continuity of care as the assistant guide in the actual Dreamer session, with the specialist providing the journey experience.

Variants: DMTx is a subvariant of Dreamer. More information is coming soon.

The Four Crucibles

In addition to the standard setting of our journey intensives, there are variations in the larger setting, intention, and intensity that we can explore with our clients. Some require longer term commitments to practice, while others are opportunities to begin by gently stepping into soft, shallow waters of consciousness and community. These four contexts, or Crucibles, are provided here as examples of the type of experiences we can offer to our clients.

1. Deep Dives

Have you completed your first intensive and you’re ready to go deeper? We also work with dosing levels based on Dr. Rick Strassman’s research, also known as “supratherapeutic” levels that transcend Johns Hopkins clinical models, but are still well within safety limits. We won’t start you at these higher doses, but we’ll go there with the right preparation. 

2. Thresholds

Not yet sure you are ready for a full psychedelic experience? Take a journey to the Threshold instead. These are lower dose experiences from our palette of medicines. These are traditionally called “psycholytic” experiences, in that they are less evocative than full psychedelic experiences, but still greatly enhance sensation and aesthetics, our appreciation of nature and beauty. Threshold sessions allow greater access to our subconscious minds, are generally very euphoric, and lastly, are substantially mindfulness and creative process enhancing. Threshold sessions are great for ongoing transformational work, or to prepare for bigger experiences. Threshold Cannabis experiences support slow, deliberate trauma resolution. Threshold mushroom experiences touch the water of the deepest wells. Threshold ketamine sessions are excellent for ongoing maintenance for longer term healing. 

Due to the lower doses, these sessions can sometimes be shorter and may not require the same assistant guide support. Therefore, some are less expensive than the intensives. 

3. HeartShips

Sometimes healing requires an incredibly personal, individualized space. Sometimes healing requires the support of a circle of friends. HeartShips are accessible, affordable, ongoing small groups for our community and are beginning this year. Visit for dates and details. Heartships are also private groups, retreats, intensives for families, friends, colleagues, congregations, temples and synagogues. Accessible urban and far-in-the-mountain retreat spaces are available for rental, and we take care of all the details of a community expedition, from the lodging to the meals. Please contact our team for more information.

4. Expeditions

Have you completed your first intensive and want to keep going? Create an Expedition. These are personalized series of medicine sessions, generally a single deep dive or shorter series, combined with longer term ongoing coaching, therapeutic, and/or spiritual integration support. Come back when you are ready. Integrate and manifest when you are away. Expeditions are a wonderful practice that combines inner and outer personal growth and healing. Ongoing practice, in whatever the form, allows us to step into our calling. 

Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions

A Collaboration of Many Programs

We recognize that our program represents a societal growth edge regarding legal psychedelic medicines, and we work diligently to remain within regulatory compliance. Our program has grown and transformed many times over the last 12 years, and during that time we have evolved into multiple companies and a nonprofit to support the work we do. This is to clarify our compliance with all of the different regulations this work requires. 

The Psychedelic Intensives listed on this page represent a collaboration between two legally distinct organizations. The first is the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness (CMM), which collectively represents our physical location and training program, and offers services with psychedelic cannabis and ketamine. The second organization is the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation (MMF), an independent religious nonprofit providing Natural Medicine Support Services through employees of this ministry. 

While there is some overlap between programs, both remain independent of the other, and another program, MMServices LLC, provides consolidated invoicing and operational management for both CMM and MMF so that we can reduce the complexity of our work with our clients. 

Simply put, MMServices has a service agreement with CMM and MMF to appropriately distribute the fees of service to the appropriate program and to pay our Independent Contractors and Employees based on the services provided. 

Separating different professional support services to comply with different regulations is a common practice in our field. 

Comparing Apples to Apples

The total session hours of a series are listed in the description of the Intensives. Use this value to compare our services to other programs, not just the number and type of sessions. We include substantial preparation and integration support based on the needs of each series and our sessions are longer than most. Our Intake Coordinator will support you in exploring a price that works for you.

Psychedelic Practitioner Experience Levels

Due to the size of our community of practitioners and their various experience and education levels, we have a range of rates that reflect this to make our services both the most accessible while also offering advanced specialized support. 

The price of an intensive is determined simply by multiplying the number of session hours of the series with the rate of the practitioner, and adding any additional medical or other required support. 

The price never changes after we create a plan. Our series always includes the necessary preparation and integration support, not just the session itself. 

Visit practitioner profiles to learn more about their base rate, and scholarship rates.

Due to the constantly shifting political environment and the ever evolving legal definition of some terms, we have settled on “practitioner” and “guide” to describe our practitioners and simply numbered four categories of experience and education levels. 

  • Level 1 Practitioner – $100-$125/session hour – Level 1 Practitioners are  Apprentice Guides who have extensive training through our program, advanced supervision and oversight, as well as a substantial amount of experience assisting our professional guides.  While our apprentice practitioners have a little less experience when it comes to professional psychedelic guiding, we only work with newer professionals that we know, love and trust to be excellent in the medicine sessions. 
  • Level 2 Practitioner – $150-$200/session hour – Professional Guides who are experienced and highly trained psychedelic practitioners but may or may not have advanced degrees in a helping profession. Our guides may focus on specific services or psychedelic medicines, possess expertise in spiritual practices, and will always collaborate with our client’s psychotherapist to further support them as needed.
  • Level 3 Practitioner – $200-$225/session hour – Masters Level Professional Guides have extensive psychedelic experience, training and generally have masters level psychotherapy degrees, degrees in ministry, or similar professional degrees in a psychedelic related field. They may have professional licenses and/or substantial, verifiable advanced training and experience in psychedelic guiding. Even if a guide has a professional license, they only work with Natural Medicines under the supported personal use regulations. Level 3 Practitioners are adept at providing harm reduction, safety and support for our clients who struggle with significant clinical concerns. Our mindfulness-based guiding practices and collective expertises allow us to provide safe containers for clients who need the extra support.
  • Level 4 Practitioner – $225-$250/session hour – Guide Specialists are highly trained and experienced psychedelic practitioners who hold supervisor and leadership positions within our program. With a decade or more of professional experience, they specialize in providing professional support for clients struggling with acute clinical matters, managing large group experiences, and navigating other complex scenarios. 
Need Based Scholarships

All of our guides are committed to offering our services at discounted rates as much as they can, and our commitment to accessibility is what led us to offer our Apprentice rates. Scholarship rates may take a little longer to onboard due to the limited number of spots available. Talk to us if you have a specific need. It might not be what you initially sought out, but it will be a good option. Group rates are also available. 

Once you land on a potential intensive by reading the descriptions, enter the session rate of the practitioner or practitioner experience level you wish to work with and the cost of the series will be provided. We’ll do everything we can to make our work accessible. You can also enter the overall cost into the payment plan calculator. Due to the nature of our work, full payment or deposit is required to reserve your spot, depending on how far out we schedule, and full payment is required prior to service being provided.

Full disclosure and informed consent are core values of our program. We believe that all potential clients deserve to be informed about service costs without feeling inundated by the details. While the prices of the primary intensives, we also offer other options listed in the descriptions. We’ll work with you to find a path that works best for you.

Select an hourly rate in this simple calculator to determine a cost estimate of the intensive you are considering.

Simple Pricing Calculator

Simple Cost Calculator

Cost of Initial Session and Medical Review:



Intensive Name


Session Hours

Additional Required Support* ($)

Total Cost ($)














Double Helix









Dreamer (add-on)**



Dreamer (stand alone)**


*Additional Required Support includes medical administration for Ketamine sessions plus an Assistant Guide for Psilocybin Mushroom and Natural DMT experiences.

**DMT sessions require a psychedelic specialist as a guide

***C=Cannabis, K=Ketamine, P=Psilocybin Mushrooms, D=Natural N,N-DMT - All psychedelic medicine related sessions comply with related regulations. Natural Medicines, psilocybin mushrooms and natural DMT, are billed under the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation.

Simple Payment Plan Calculator

Simple Payment Plan Calculator

20 Minute Free Discovery Call

The Discovery Call can be set up by filling our our simple inquiry form and selecting a time. Our intake coordinator takes time to get to know you and answer any questions you may have. We also discuss how our services could be a good fit for you and we start to match you with one of our practitioners. After you are paired with a practitioner, you’ll receive a welcome packet and intake paperwork that will be discussed with you in your initial sessions. We look forward to working with you.