Psychotherapy & Psychedelic Consultation


Transformational healing experiences are rarely easy, and even profoundly positive shifts in life may be difficult to navigate or fully engage without support.  Medicinal Mindfulness is a cannabis-friendly and psychedelic informed psychotherapy clinic that provides our clients with evidenced-based clinical support, somatic trauma resolution therapy, art therapy and integration support.  

We are also available to answer questions about safe and skillful use practices regarding psychedelics, cannabis, and microdosing. Trained Medicinal Mindfulness therapists are also available to consult families who are currently experiencing a psychedelic-induced crisis.  

Our Psychedelic Integration Circle meets every other Monday to support the processing and integrating of psychedelic experiences.

Opportunities, difficulties, questions and general life situations on the medicine path can be quite complicated, and sometimes require an holistic approach to adequately address any concerns. Humans are complex, multidimensional creatures. We deserve to be treated as such.

Sessions available by phone, video, or office visits.


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