Natural N,N-DMT Support Services


Natural N,N-DMT Support Services

How do we even begin to describe the indescribable? To be thrust into a world full of life, magic and radical technology that feels so clearly real, populated by allies and guides that feel so familiar yet so vastly alien, who are often described as “more real than real,” beyond time and space, transcendent yet still right here in this moment. We open ourselves to the possibility of magic, matrix, mantra, miracles. 

Welcome to the otherworldly realness of Natural N,N-DMT.

In November of 2022, Colorado voters legalized the personal use of Natural N,N-DMT, along with psilocybin mushrooms with the Natural Medicine Health Act, and by the beginning of 2024, the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, in partnership with the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation religious non-profit, has regularly provided personal use support sessions under this new legislation. As the laws and regulations change, we will continue to evolve our program with them, but our current protocols already well exceed these upcoming regulations, and we welcome clients from all over the United States and the world who wish to experience a safe, supported Natural N,D-DMT experience in an above board legal setting. 

At the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, we offer support during sessions with well researched doses of Natural N,N DMT (which has been tested for potency) to elicit extremely immersive psychedelic experiences. A three hour session allows for two experiences, a medium strong one then another, optional stronger experience. The medicine is gifted through a member of the MM Foundation non-profit at no cost to our clients.

Cultural Considerations in the Ethical Use of Natural N,N-DMT in Nontraditional Settings

The use of Natural N,N-DMT has similar cultural considerations as psilocybin mushrooms, but with a different kind of awareness required. Traditional uses of DMT primarily stem from indigenous brews such as Ayahuasca, which date back to Pre-Columbian times. N,N-DMT as a molecule was first synthesized in 1931, and found in the root bark of Mimosa tenuiflora, also known as Mimosa hostilis, in 1959. Since that time, psychonauts have been extracting N,N-DMT from the root bark, and this is now a primary source of the molecule. To our knowledge, there are no traditional means of smoking or vaping this medicine, and in Rick Strassman’s experiments in the 1990s, the medicine was injected. Now, Extended-State DMT (known as DMTx) is also being studied, which requires advanced targeted infusion technology and modern medical equipment. DMT is a very strange substance with a pretty radical history that seems to embody ancient mysticism with visions of hyper-futuristic technologies and advanced civilizations. 

The form of N,N-DMT called “Changa,” is often naturally extracted and combined with an MAOI and a smoking base for consumption. This term and method of use was developed by a psychonaut in Australia in the early 2000s who asked in an Ayahuasca ceremony what to call it. 

For a variety of reasons, including cultural considerations, CMM does not work with oral DMT or ayahuasca. There are many communities that do, and we recommend and support these experiences as integration specialists when asked to do so. We respectfully leave Ayahuasca in the hands of those who are trained by their communities to facilitate these experiences. We understand that there is significant complexity and the ethical use of N,N-DMT in vaped form and are actively engaged in a community conversation about how to be good stewards of this medicine for our clients who choose to use it. 

Religious Use of N,N-DMT Through the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation

Only a few specialists at the Center provide this experience at this time. If you choose to work with a guide who doesn’t offer this medicine, they would be there to provide support as an assistant during your DMT session. 

What is Natural N,N-DMT and Where Does It Come From?

The form of DMT we work with is naturally extracted from the root bark of the Mimosa hostilis plant, a common bush/tree found in many parts of Central and South America. The medicine itself is gifted to a community member of the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation, and this medicine is then gifted to those who wish to use this medicine in a supported personal use setting.

Cultural Considerations in the Ethical Use of Mushrooms in Nontraditional Settings

The community of Medicinal Mindfulness recognizes the nearly universal use of psilocybin mushrooms throughout human history, particularly in ancient times, and acknowledges that some indigenous communities have a direct, unbroken lineage to these ancient histories. We also can’t help but openly wonder about Terence McKenna’s “Stoned Ape Theory” and the possible relationship of psilocybin containing mushrooms and the evolution of humanity in Africa. However, even with the profound beauty of this history and our personal experiences, what we don’t want to ignore is the more recent history of this medicine and how it came to be popularized in the 1950s and 1960s.  

In 1955, CIA operative and banker, R. Gordon Wasson, on an expedition covertly funded by MK-Ultra, tricked a Mazatec healer named Maria Sabina into providing a healing session for Wasson using a mushroom strain now scientifically known as Psilocybe mexicana. After the experience, Wasson wrote an article for Life Magazine about his experience, and, as a result, beginning in 1962 an influx of hippies and other spiritual seekers left Maria Sabina to deal with unwanted police harassment, imprisonment, community ostracization, her house being burned down, her son murdered, and Maria dying in poverty in 1985. This wasn’t that long ago. 

Collectively, the members of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness acknowledge and grieve this painful history. As inspired stewards for the ethical use of this medicine, in our own way, we have a very alive and ongoing community conversation about how to ethically work with psilocybin mushrooms in the context of Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy without culturally appropriating and furthering the harm caused by colonization.  We are actively exploring these questions and will continue to invite members of traditional lineages to speak about this harm and to do our part and work with whomever we can to help all communities heal from this collective trauma. 

We recognize that certain traditional communities will never consider our practice as ethical because of our non-indigenous practitioners. We understand this too. If you would like to learn more about the Mazatec lineage, we recommend exploring the advocacy of one of our friends, Chacruna: Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines, and consider joining us in donating to their work. You can also learn about Maria Sabina by watching this documentary, or reading this book

While many on our team have a diverse range of previous trainings, cultural backgrounds, experiences and initiations, and we have listened to our elders and actively practice Earth-based philosophies and ways of living, recognize the sacred nature of our human experience, and honor our ancestors, we make no claims to being members of these lineages, and respect their legal right to practice their tradition in accordance with their teachings. More information about the journeys and identities of our practitioners can be found on their profiles.

While the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness community acknowledges the near universal use of psychoactive mushrooms and other psychedelic substances in ancient and indigenous cultures across the planet, we choose not to whitewash our history. For this reason, we recognize the real suffering caused by how this medicine was introduced to mainstream America, and we acknowledge Maria Sabina in our prayers as a healer and guide. 

To learn more about our relationship to community accountability and ethics, our work in both reciprocity initiatives, and our efforts to “pay it forward,” please visit Community, Diversity and Governance.

General Psychedelic Effects of Vaporized or Smoked Natural N,N-DMT

According to the research and our experience, the effects begin almost immediately, and the journeyer is immediately immersed in a profoundly stimulated unfolding hyperbolic, geometric experience. At stronger doses, the journey may enter a space that feels hyper dimensional and “more real than real.” It can be a fundamentally life altering and sometimes incredibly bizarre experience. The peak lasts on average four to seven minutes, with a long landing after that where the journeyer returns their awareness to the room and their body. It is one of the most profound psychedelic experiences someone can have, and sometimes the visions and implications of the experience are quite jarring. It is not uncommon to have encounters with alien-like beings or entities that are described in religious or spiritual terms.


Within seconds after smoking or vaping DMT, clients often report:

  • Heightened physical sensations of touch, vision, hearing, taste, and smell
  • Heightened emotional responses that can range from grief catharsis and energetic discharge to intense joy, love, peace, and awe
  • Increased heart rate (which can be modulated with guidance and breath)
  • Hyper-vivid open and closed eye visuals of complex geometric forms
  • Unusual sounds and high pitched tones as the launch takes place
  • Complete surrender of a fully immersive, sometimes overwhelming, psychedelic experience

As the medicine reaches peak levels in a matter of seconds, clients often report:

  • Extremely heightened sense of self, the nature of the universe, and underlying unconscious processes
  • Extreme open eyed visual and spatial distortions and profoundly vivid inner visual experiences of an other worldly, multidimensional reality that feels “more real than real”

Regular contact with highly advanced entities from other dimensions that feels “more real than real”.

What are DMT Elves?

  • Extreme distortions of time, space, and reality, leading to awareness of terrains beyond the physical world. 
  • A significant decrease in activity in our brain’s default mode network
  • Extreme non-dual experiences, sense of unity, connection to larger Spirit, God, Buddha-Nature, and other profound transpersonal phenomenon
  • Both a timeless and eternal space while simultaneously being frustrated by the short nature of the experience  

As the client begins to return to consensus reality from the peak, clients often report:

  • An extended period of profound realization, euphoria, awareness of subconscious and unconscious psychological processes that can be addressed through compassionate awareness
  • After landing, clients often report wanting to engage another journey

Difficult experiences are uncommon but can happen. These experiences can be psychologically and spiritually unnerving, given such a direct and “more real than real” experience that may be quite different from a perceived understanding of reality. Some spaces beyond this space aren’t always positive seeming, but it does appear to always have a lesson or a healing. Longer term difficult experiences are also very uncommon, and are often part of a deeper healing process. 

DMT Terrain



Who is Natural N,N-DMT For?

Due to the newness of working with this medicine in this new container afforded to us by the Natural Medicine Health Act in Colorado, currently this medicine is offered to clients who are:

  • Generally psychologically well, high-functioning, and stable people  who are looking for a profound psychedelic experience and want the support our program has to offer
  • Longer term clients of the program who have done a lot of healing work and are ready for such a profound experience 
  • Clients who are nearing the end of their lives and are looking for a safe, gentle on the body, psychedelic experience to explore the space beyond this one and to face their process head on and with courage and acceptance, or who may be experiencing anxiety about their current process
What to Expect From a Natural N,N-DMT Personal Use Support Session

These three hour sessions provide our clients with enough time for two DMT experiences during the session. The journeys themselves last only 10-20 minutes and there is a nice slow return that can last another 30 minutes or more. We start with a medium strong dose to test the waters, and this dose is intended to create an experience that is “more here than there.”  This is followed by an optional stronger dose experience that may be “more there than here.” The three hour session allows for an intentional preparation and integration period given the profound nature of these experiences. 

When you arrive, you will be greeted by your guide and the assistant guide, and you’ll have a discussion about the medicine, the dose, and be formally gifted the medicine for the experience. Dosing is pretty uniform and not weight based. You’ll be oriented to how to take the medicine and we’ll answer any questions.

After checking in with your guide confirming your intention, you’ll be invited to intentionally take the medicine with a vaporizer and lay down. Your guides will hold space quietly as music is played to support the experience, and they will be there to support you throughout the process. Once you return, you’ll be invited to share more about your experience and be offered an optional second experience when you are ready, and this experience could be stronger if you choose. At the end of the journey we’ll have some snacks and create a space to share more about the experience.

Sometimes these journeys are standalone experiences because we can offer two journeys in one session. These experiences are also often added to other psychedelic intensives, creating a capstone of their full expedition.

Is Natural N,N-DMT a Safe Medicine?

Research shows that N,N-DMT is generally very safe when administered in controlled settings, and when clients are appropriately screened and prepared for the experience. With that being said, sometimes these experiences are so existentially shocking, requiring significant shifts in our worldview, that it takes a long time to fully integrate and understand. For this reason, those who overuse in uncontained settings can experience significant mental health difficulties. At CMM, these concerns can generally be ruled out, but for this reason we recommend very modest use of this medicine in very contained settings. 

The positive and negative of a vaped DMT experience is its short duration. If it is a difficult experience, it is over pretty quickly. If it is a beautiful experience it is over pretty quickly. Because DMT has no tolerance, we are able to offer two experiences, beginning with a medium strong dose to assess our clients sensitivity to the medicine and the readiness to go deeper. This reduces the chances of a difficult, strong dose experience. 

DMT allows for very little personal agency and control during initial experiences, and clients are required to practice letting go and allowing. Your guide can be instrumental in supporting you through this process.

Right now, because this is such a new setting, CMM generally only works with clients and this medicine if they have had previous psychedelic experiences or are generally mentally well and in a stable position in life.

What are Reasons Not To Take Natural N,N-DMT?

There are certain medicine contraindications with N,N-DMT, similar to, but not as restrictive as psilocybin mushrooms. You’ll go over this information in your medical review. 

Clients who are very unstable or have significant mental health concerns are not advised to take this medicine. We don’t ever want to risk someone feeling worse instead of better after an experience. It is sometimes offered to our clients who have worked through significant trauma or other concerns, but only when they are ready.

What Makes a CMM Guided Experience with Natural N,N-DMT Different?

We take this experience seriously, and honor the “more real than real” experience of it as significant and important to our clients. This isn’t something any of our guides would recommend doing in a recreational setting, nor would they do that themselves. CMM provides a lot of education and support around these sessions, and we support our clients throughout this process, offering guidance between sessions to make the next one even more meaningful and transformative. We’ve found that the more you put into the intentionality of this experience, the more you receive in return, and combining it with other medicines in our psychedelic intensives can be profoundly rewarding.

The Natural Medicine Health Act of Colorado and the Legality of Natural N,N-DMT

The personal use of naturally derived dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ibogaine, mescaline (excluding peyote), and psilocybin and psilocin in psychedelic mushrooms, known legally as “natural medicines,” are legal to possess and use in the state of Colorado.

What is “Personal Use?”

“Personal use” is a legal distinction that allows for the personal and community possession of DMT and the ingestion or use of the medicine for healing or community purposes. As long as you are private and responsible, it’s legal. In addition to the right of personal use, consumers of DMT also have the right to pay for professional support during a psychedelic experience. The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness works within these regulations to provide supported sessions with natural DMT. “Regulated Access” rules will start coming into effect in 2024 for psilocybin, and DMT is expected to become regulated at some point after that, but it is currently legal to use in our setting through the right to have support for personal use.  CMM will work towards becoming a licensed healing and training center when those options become available. 

Personal Use Harm Reduction, Therapy, Support Services

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness works with Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation practitioners to offer bona fide harm reduction, psychotherapy and support services to individuals engaged in personal use of natural medicines. These support services consist of sitter services and/or spiritual counseling to those engaged in personal use of natural medicines in the comfort of their own homes or other settings.

Beneficial Community Based Use and Healing

Medicinal Mindfulness offers beneficial community-based use and healing services to those individuals interested in using natural medicines in a group or community setting.

Does CMM Provide the Natural N,N-DMT?

To fully comply with the new Colorado laws, and to ensure the highest standards of safety and testing for our clients, members of the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation religious non-profit community gift natural N,N-DMT to a representative of the MM Foundation. This representative has the medicine tested at a lab for potency before gifting the medicine to a client who wishes to use DMT in a supported session. No payment is exchanged for this gifting service. The medicine is tested and weighed, and the dosing is based on standard research. 

Can I acquire DMT for my own use?

While the purchase, gifting, or donation of natural medicine is legal in Colorado, the sale of natural medicine is currently prohibited. Due to the complex status of providing this medicine, MMF only gifts this medicine in supported personal use sessions for these sessions. 

CMM strongly recommends having the medicine tested before consuming in personal use settings, and to have an appropriate level of support. N,N-DMT can be one of the most profound psychedelics we can experience.

How much natural medicine can I possess?

The actual amount is pretty vague in the law. Any amount necessary to share with a friend twenty-one years of age or older within the context of counseling, spiritual guidance, beneficial community-based use and healing, supported use, or related services is legal to securely possess under Colorado state law.

What is Extended-State DMT, or DMTx?

For more information about our related DMTx program, please visit We are currently completing our preliminary development of this service and are excited to share more soon. DMTx can now be legally administered under the Natural Medicine Health Act in Colorado. 

DMTx, also known as Extended-State DMT experiences, uses targeted infusion technology to stabilize a N,N-DMT experience over a significant amount of time. Our preliminary expeditions proved the concept was viable and safe, and eliminated the negative quality of vaped DMT being too short of an experience. 

More information is coming soon. We are currently not accepting applications for the team leading this program.

DMT Concentration