Overview of Intake and Treatment Plan Process

Our program operates under a system of transparency and full disclosure. All of our services and our fees are included on this website for you to review before contacting us.

We are an intentional psychedelic therapy center that believes it takes time to create the necessary “set and setting” for safe and transformative psychedelic experiences.  Our intake process and treatment recommendations reflect this by requiring a flexible “stepping into” process within our treatment plan. This allows us to adequately assess the level of necessary treatment over a series of stages instead of requiring a large initial payment in advance.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment is required to reserve the date of services, and should be booked all at once when the protocol is established. The benefit of a longer, higher value protocol is being able to get in the schedule.  Regular hour sessions require a 48 hour cancellation notice to reschedule or to receive refund. Psychedelic Therapy sessions require one week notice.