Dear Medicinal Mindfulness Students & Allies,

Medicinal Mindfulness is now recruiting members for a special Psychedelic Summer Expedition.  This is an exploratory expedition.  We’ll be setting off into mostly unknown transpersonal territory to explore new possibilities of creating what we call “psychedelic society.”

We will be deep diving into the training program starting in May for a four month expedition.  New members are invited to participate as Journeyers, or to join us for a weekend Psychedelic Sitters School training program to participate as Sitter-Journeyers.  Long-term allies are invited to participate as Senior Sitters, Mentors and Guides.

Those who sign up for the expedition will be part of the core crew of Medicinal Mindfulness.  There is a certain level of energetic containment and support that comes with this.  It is also very common to have deep transformational experiences initiated during your time with our program.  It can be challenging, but also a ton of fun.  If this sounds intriguing, please read further to view the map of the terrain ahead, and the “ship” we’ll be taking to get there.

If you’re interested in learning about the goals of Medicinal Mindfulness in more detail and the general direction the expedition will be taking, watch my Psychedelic Shine presentation “On CyberDMT and TransCannabis” here.   Dennis McKenna presentation’s presentation is here.  Dennis pretty much sums up the “why” we’re doing it.

Before I tell you what our “expedition ship” for the summer will look like, I would like to share some of the exciting things happening with Medicinal Mindfulness and a sketch of the terrain we’ll be exploring together.

  • Yes, I am VERY SERIOUS about extended state DMT research.  This is the longterm goal of Medicinal Mindfulness and our non-profit foundation.  It’s going to take some time, but I am all in.
  • Community Breathwork will continue as a training program for our students, giving you safe and evocative opportunities to lead your own groups with supervision.  The live music by Nibumbu will soon be professionally recorded and distributed online to those who can’t make it to Boulder.
  • To get back to my writing, I’ve started my blog again  You can check out the latest entry that is a response to a question I received.  If you have a question, please consider submitting it in this way and I’ll use it to get this project going again.
  • We’re currently finalizing a plan to bring a CFO and business consulting team into our new company, Medicinal Mindfulness Events LLC, to better organize our membership program, training program and ongoing events.
  • Psychedelic Shine is going to continue, and we need a lot of volunteer support to make that happen.  Our goal is to bring in women/minority perspectives, as well as to continue to support the CyberDMT concept by bringing in Dr. Rick Strassman and his co-author Dr. Andrew Gallimore at some point. This will become the primary fundraiser for the DMT research.
  • The primary Medicinal Mindfulness counseling office is now at Holos Health, our new medical cannabis partner.  We’ll send out announcements regarding cannabis related services Holos Health offers.  Because of the unusual political environment we are now in, we want everyone to consider getting a MMJ card to be best protected.

Many of you have said you are inspired by our work. I AM TOO.  I sincerely consider this my calling, and I feel particularly blessed to know what my calling means to me.  A lot of hard inner work went into that question for many years.  It is an honor to be a psychopomp for so many people now who are transversing this terrain.  Maybe I’m just a ferryman, but I have one stellar ship!


So here’s the invitation.  We are about to embark on a four month expedition journey and I am looking for a crew of explorers interested in helping me sail this ship through the terrain of opportunities listed above.  This is an opportunity to deepen your own process as a journeyer, practitioner and guide.  I’m calling this the Psychedelic Summer Expedition.  Depending on your experience with our program, you’ll be invited to participate in a variety of ways.  If you are interested in joining this team for this expedition, here’s a few ways to do it:

Psychedelic Sitters School – Two opportunities for 4 day trainings in early May 2017 and late July 2017.  Tell your friends.  This might be the last time I teach this for a while.  Training info here:

Medicinal Mindfulness Membership for Summer Semester 2017, May-Aug, 4 month period.  Psychedelic Summer Expedition.  Go to to learn more about MM membership.  4 month commitment to monthly payments or 10% off full 4 month payment.  (*Scholarship price for students/veterans)

  • Membership Level – Journeyer – Green – $99/$79*  
  • Membership Level – Sitter – Red – $125/$99*
  • Membership Level – Senior Sitter – Blue – $150/$120*
  • Membership Level – Assistant Practitioner/Practitioner – Purple/Black – Invitation only


  • Journeyer/Green level is for those wishing to focus on their own process before diving into other trainings.  Green level and all other members can attend one Community Breathwork and one Conscious Cannabis Event each month (or receive $350/$280* credit to use with individual journeywork or coaching services for those who live out of town).
  • Red level and above require completion of Psychedelic Sitters School and are asked to sit for one community event a month, but are invited to sit for more.
  • Red and Blue levels are required to attend a monthly Advanced Sitters School class to learn additional sitter/guiding skills.  Advanced Sitters School Dates are:  Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30pm 5/18, 6/22, 7/20, 8/17.
  • Blue level and above will be invited to sit for private groups, and guide parts of ongoing CBW and CCEs.
  • Blue level and above will also meet for a monthly 2 hr group practitioners supervision.

These classes will be encrypted video conference called to participants who live outside of Boulder so you do not have to live here to be part of this adventure.

Additional email coaching will also be available to members.  After this four month term, it is our goal to have each member progress to the next stage in their development.  Registration begins now and will end May 7th for May-Aug Date.  July Psychedelic Sitters School may bring additional crew members on board.


Please email me to register or if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas. I can be reached at   I am available to discuss these options with you.  I look forward to deep diving into the wonderful opportunities and adventures ahead!

I’m off to the Psychedelic Sciences MAPS conference in Oakland to engage in some general psychedelic rabble rousing.  If you’re there, hit me up so we can meet.

All the best,
Daniel McQueen
Medicinal Mindfulness