What to Expect


Overview of Intake and Treatment Plan Process

Our program operates under a system of transparency and full disclosure. All of our services and our fees are included on this website for you to review before contacting us, and to refer to as a resource at any time.

We are an intentional Psychedelic Therapy Center that believes it takes time to create the necessary “set and setting” [link to glossary] for safe and transformative Psychedelic Experiences.  Our intake process and treatment recommendations reflect this by requiring a flexible “stepping into” process within our treatment plan. This allows us to adequately assess the level of necessary treatment over a series of stages instead of requiring a large initial payment in advance.


Payment is required to reserve your dates of service, and should be booked all at once when a section of your psychedelic therapy protocol is created between you and your primary provider. A psychedelic therapy protocol is a series of several preparation, integration and medicine sessions based on your therapeutic goals. The benefit of a longer, higher value protocol is being able to reserve your full treatment series in the calendar at one time. This will eliminate any potential pauses in treatment that could occur if you paid as you go. Generally, for efficacy, we don’t recommend single medicine experiences, but we will work with clients with specific financial needs to make our work as accessible as possible.  

Regular 60-minute sessions require a 48 hour cancellation notice to reschedule or to receive a refund. Because psychedelic therapy sessions are sometimes a full day of work and are harder to reschedule quickly, these sessions require at least one week notice, intensive sessions (a series of back to back sessions over 2-5 days) require two weeks notice to reschedule.

Our Psychedelic Therapy Process


Initial Inquiry

The first step is to fill out our Initial Consultation interest form and let us know which of our services you are interested in. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.



30-minute consultation ($100)

Next you will be able to schedule a 30-minute phone or in-person consult with one of our practitioners. Together we will assess if a Psychedelic Therapy Protocol is right for you. We are happy to educate you about different options and what the overall process can look like, as well as to begin exploring goals and intentions with you. We will also support you in choosing a therapist who is right for you. You’ll receive a copy of our initial intake and our disclosure form to fill out and bring to your first therapy session.


Initial session and paperwork

Once paired with a practitioner, you will begin with an initial 60-minute session with your practitioner at their hourly rate, and complete necessary paperwork based on the type of Psychedelic Therapy you are doing.    


Preparation sessions ($150 each)

Before your first Medicine-Assisted Therapy sessions, you will meet with your therapist for 1-3 sessions to help you prepare for the experience. These sessions are an opportunity for you to deeply explore your goals and intentions for the work, learn skills for navigating your psychedelic terrain, build rapport with your therapist, share your history, and allow you to feel safe and resourced going into your psychedelic sessions.     


30-minute one-time Psychological Evaluation and Assessment Fee ($250) 

If Psychedelic Therapy is recommended, our psychiatrists will be providing medical oversight throughout the process. This initial evaluation allows our medical team an opportunity to review your history and develop treatment recommendations based on your specific needs.

Psychedelic Therapy isn’t for everyone. We are committed to keeping you safe, and will only provide these services to you if we are sure it’s safe for you physically and emotionally. If at any point in the process it becomes clear to us that the work is not appropriate for you, we are ethically required to discontinue services and will support you in finding other resources. If Psychedelic Therapy is NOT recommended, you will work in session to determine the best course of treatment with your therapist.

 Meet our Medical Practitioners.


Psychedelic Therapy Series             

If Psychedelic Therapy is recommended, you will work in session with your therapist to begin the preparation process and complete any additional disclosure processes and set up an initial Psychedelic Therapy Series. A Series is a set of psychedelic therapy sessions with an appropriate number of preparation and integration sessions. Typically we recommend a series of 2-3 weekly psychedelic cannabis sessions, or a series of 2-6 ketamine sessions, or sometimes a series of both. Intensive Retreats are usually a series of 2 to 4 medicine sessions in a 2 day to week long period. We generally don’t recommend single medicine sessions as a lot of important work happens on the second session of a series. 

If Psychedelic Therapy is NOT recommended, you will work in session to determine the best course of treatment with your therapist.

 Learn more about Psychedelic Therapy session costs.


Integration sessions ($150 each)

In the days and weeks after your Psychedelic Sessions, you will meet with your therapist to integrate your experiences. This is a crucial step in the process and creates the most lasting benefit. During these sessions you will review the content of the sessions, make meaning of them, and work to integrate them into your everyday life. Many clients report that their integration sessions are the richest part of the overall process and essential to their growth and transformation. We recommend one to three integration sessions after a psychedelic therapy session or series. 

30 Minute Initial Consultation ($100) -

The initial consultation is for us to get to know each other, ask and answer questions, and determine if we might be a good fit to work together. This process includes reviewing the necessary informed consent forms, intakes, and other assessments