Psychedelic Practitioners

As part of our commitment to best practices in Psychedelic Guiding, our psychedelic sessions are supported by distinct, medicine-specific, regulatory, business non-profit and religious structures. The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness represents a community of practitioners working within these various settings to legally provide these services. It’s a complicated discussion so additional information is available on the Specialty Pages.

We Are a Psychedelic Center

Our “Natural Medicine” services are only provided under the “personal use support services” regulations of the Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act and accompanying legislation, and are provided by practitioners of the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation Religious Non-Profit. We will often work in conjunction with our client’s mental health providers but we want to be clear that this service is not considered psychotherapy. We do not recommend or suggest these services for the treatment of clinical concerns, but these services can be safely provided, within the right context or “setting,” to our clients who struggle with clinical concerns. Adults in Colorado have the right to safely take Natural Medicines. We provide a safe container for those who choose to receive such support, and with 12 years of institutional experience, our safety and professional standards are the highest in the field.

Practitioner Tiers

Due to the constantly shifting political environment and the ever evolving legal definition of some terms, we have settled on “practitioner” and “guide” to describe our practitioners and simply numbered four categories of our psychedelic guides based on their experience and education levels.

  • Level 1 Practitioner are Apprentice Guides who have extensive training through our program, advanced supervision and oversight, as well as a substantial amount of experience assisting our professional guides.  While our apprentice practitioners have a little less experience when it comes to professional psychedelic guiding, we only work with newer professionals that we know, love and trust to be excellent in the medicine sessions. 
  • Level 2 Practitioner are Professional Guides who are experienced and highly trained psychedelic practitioners but may or may not have advanced degrees in a helping profession. Our guides may focus on specific services or psychedelic medicines, possess expertise in spiritual practices, and will always collaborate with our client’s psychotherapist to further support them as needed.
  • Level 3 Practitioner are Masters Level Professional Guides that have extensive psychedelic experience, training and generally have masters level psychotherapy degrees, degrees in ministry, or similar professional degrees in a psychedelic related field. They may have professional licenses and/or substantial, verifiable advanced training and experience in psychedelic guiding. Even if a guide has a professional license, they only work with Natural Medicines under the supported personal use regulations. Level 3 Practitioners are adept at providing harm reduction, safety and support for our clients who struggle with significant clinical concerns. Our mindfulness-based guiding practices and collective expertises allow us to provide safe containers for clients who need the extra support.
  • Level 4 Practitioner are highly trained and experienced Guide Specialists who hold supervisor and leadership positions within our program. With a decade or more of professional experience, they specialize in providing advanced professional harm reduction support for clients exploring extreme growth edges, struggling with acute clinical matters, managing large group experiences, and navigating other complex scenarios.