Healing in Community in the Age of Covid-19

Since cannabis became legal in Colorado in 2014, we have facilitated ongoing psychedelic group experiences that are safe, accessible and incredibly evocative in a beautiful, private event center near Boulder, Colorado.

Our Conscious Cannabis Events include our flagship Conscious Cannabis Circles and the Cannabis Healing Meditations. In 2015, we added a non-medicine group breathwork experience that has since become a regular, twice-monthly group on Thursday evenings called Community Breathwork, led with live journey music provided by Nibumbu.

All of this changed with the Coronavirus and we’re unfortunately taking a break from our large, in-person community events, and will focus on small private events, online integration groups, and our Heartships program instead. Our team will begin facilitating a large online Conscious Cannabis Circle soon, and we’re available for small online groups as well. We’ve mastered the technology and our online sessions are extremely powerful and safe experiences. 

Online Psychedelic Integration Circle


Our twice-monthly Psychedelic Integration Circle meets online on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Join a community that comes together regularly to share their personal psychedelic journey experiences and receive ongoing community support during transformational practices. 

Online Conscious Cannabis Circles (Large Group - International)

$50/participant (Scholarships available) – Cannabis-optional community meditation experience with guided meditation and music, facilitated by the Conscious Cannabis Collective.

Heartships - Small Online Community Circles

$250/person in small groups of 6-8, 1 hour preparation, 3.5 hour Cannabis session, 1 hour integration. (Scholarships Available)

Join a cohort for either a single session or a series to go on an epic adventure into the collective psyche. Facilitated by Daniel McQueen and other members of the Psychedelic Cannabis Corps. 

Heartships - Local Community Healing Circles (Online only during Covid 19)

Daniel and Alison have developed a new protocol, called “Heartships,” that incorporates preparation, integration and psychedelic experiences into a small group process of 6-8 participants, a lead facilitator with assistants or co-facilitator teams, and accompanied by solid medical support when ketamine is provided.