Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation

In the spring of 2019, Travis Cox and Daniel McQueen attended a Psychedelics and Spirituality Conference and were confronted through their participation by the stark reality of Climate Change. Dealing with the sense of hopelessness, yet grasping to the power of collective action nonetheless,Travis and Daniel initiated the development of the new non-profit, the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation.

The primary purpose of our non-profit is to support the convergence of individuals, communities and organizations so we can organize an effective and skilled response to global crises by researching effective psychedelic journeywork practices in conjunction with mindfulness, psychotherapy, spirituality, ecological theory and advanced creative problem solving.



Through education and scientific research, we help individuals and communities safely explore open, legal, and ethical cannabis and other psychedelic medicine practices for the benefit of humanity and our shared ecology.


We envision a world where trust between scientists, academics, and the public forms the basis for more advancement of the world’s understanding of psychedelic cannabis-assisted therapies. People can lean on this research while using psychedelic medicines safely, effectively for the benefit of humanity and our shared ecology.

Initial Goals:

  • Organize researchers who are interested in cannabis and other psychedelics and both lend our data and practice to their studies while simultaneously creating our own study
  • Start an outreach campaign to educate communities on cannabis as a psychedelic medicine and our evolving safe communities
  • Advance and develop best practices and a code of ethics and moral conduct for professional practitioners seeking to use psychedelics as medicine
  • Support underground psychedelic medicinal practitioners’ transition to legal practices

Long term Goals:

  • Create a psychedelic therapy and education co-operative with democratic leadership, shared resources and a foundation that fundraises to give back to psychedelic therapy start ups
  • Public Medicinal Mindfulness research with collaborators in the academic and scientific field lifting up the benefits and inner workings of psychedelic cannabis
  • Create and lead Psychedelics & Sustainability Program

Any gift amount makes a big impact as we continue this work and build a new home for our nonprofit organization.


Accessibility: Through need-based and identity-based scholarships, we are committed to making our training programs and resources accessible to those central to but on the edges of the psychedelic renaissance including: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, LGBTQ+ folks, women and low-income people.

Sustainability: Our perceived separation from the more-than-human world is a function of our unsustainable worldview and culture. As we strive to embody the truth of our interconnectedness, we commit to taking action to disrupt current modes of destruction to both people and planet and to actively build the new world we want to inhabit.

Harm Prevention: We strive to prevent, not just reduce any harm associated with psychedelic medicines so that they can be used to their fullest potential and for the greatest good.

Community: Transitioning from “I” to “We,” we recognize that healing and change take place in the context of interdependence and not individualism.

Sacredness: We commit to building our culture and programs in a way that centers the sacredness of all life and the sacredness of the psychedelic medicine path.

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Sitters School Psychedelic Therapy Training Program has provided over $125,000 need-based diversity scholarships since we restarted the online training program through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Each of our programs involves research & education and holds a commitment to collective action.

Read more about our programs below.


Development of the first EcoPsychedelics™ training program, which includes psychedelic protocols that respond to existential distress (including depression, anxiety, apathy & grief associated with climate collapse) as well as the addiction at the root of our unsustainable society. The EcoPsychedelics training program is grounded in Joanna Macy’s “The Work that Reconnects,” uses Council as an important teaching and community modality, and partners with the safe, sacred, accessible and culturally conscious use of Cannabis, creating in-person and online intensives for processing, healing, ecological problem solving and reinvigorating commitments to action.


  • Addresses issues not commonly addressed in Western, medical-model based psychedelic trainings by asking questions like:
    • “Is it ethical to adjust someone to a sick society?”
    • “Is there a worldview inherent to the psychedelic experience?” ◎ “When engaging with these medicines, should there be a selection of alternative worldviews to choose from during the integration phase? If so, what would the range of acceptable alternatives look like?”
    • “Does our relationship to these medicines change when we recognize them as beings?”
    • “What is the role of nature in the context of this healing? Can we still safely engage in this work, but do so outside of the confines of a therapist’s office—can we do this work in direct relationship to the other-than-human world?”
    • “Can we address issues of cultural appropriation, while still attempting to provide an alternative framework to the Western medical-model, one rooted in the culture of our ancestors which understands spiritual emergence/y, death and rebirth, and rites of passage?”
    • “What is the role of psychedelics in activism? Can they engender the impetus for action? Can they provide energy to avoid burnout?”
  • Funds and supports psychedelic research and expeditions in consciousness, as well as mobilization for action at the intersection of psychedelics and sustainability, for the benefit of humanity, most importantly those historically marginalized populations, and our shared ecology.

Psychedelic Justice

  • Advance and support local, regional, state and national initiatives for the decriminalization of naturally occurring psychedelic substances and includes the automatic expungement of all non-violent drug convictions connected to this medicine.
  • Engage in public dialogue promoting BIPOC leadership (future, current and historical) & access and confront the presence of White Supremacy Culture within and beyond our organization.
  • Development of year-long Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Training Intensive that partners with the safe, sacred, accessible and culturally conscious use of Cannabis.

Safe Communities

Development, implementation and distribution of best practices and a code of ethics for moral conduct for professional practitioners, businesses, and communities seeking to use psychedelics as medicine.

Psychedelics as Medicine

  • Development and distribution of meaningful therapeutic models for use of psychedelics as medicine.
  • Development of medical credentialing and licensing requirements for the use of psychedelics as medicine.
  • Create healing protocols that are affordable and accessible to all people.