Medicinal Mindfulness Substance Use Policy

Medicinal Mindfulness takes community and psychedelic safety very seriously.  MM only provides cannabis services and only in legal settings, and our intention is to step into working with other psychedelic medicines only when it is legal to do so.  Community sustainability is our highest priority. We do not work with or provide illegal substances. As a harm reduction program, we support members and clients who choose to personally use illicit substances through education and psychological support services.  What you do in your own home and on your own time is generally none of our business as long as you are not harming yourself or others.

Please note, our cannabis-related programs are not designed to support other psychedelic substance use safely, nor would it be legal for us to do so.  Please support the success of our program and the psychedelic legalization movement by respecting our boundaries around illicit substance use.  

Bringing or consuming illicit substances and/or alcohol is expressly forbidden before, during, after, or around any Medicinal Mindfulness event, session, program, or training retreat.

The misuse, or overuse of pharmaceuticals, supplements, tobacco products outside of designated areas, and other substances that may interfere with the safe use of cannabis or breathwork practices is also expressly forbidden.

Cannabis use is only allowed in designated areas or at designated times at specified events, sessions or training retreats.

A designated driver after imbibing cannabis is always required until the next day after use.

Using, bringing, and/or offering an illicit substance to another participant at any of our events is considered a form of harassment.  For safety reasons, participants are encouraged to speak to an MM practitioner if they see or hear anything related to inappropriate substance use.

Medicinal Mindfulness practitioners are trained to tell the difference between illicit substance use and mental health emergencies.  Participants who use or bring any illicit substance to an MM event will be immediately assessed for safety and then either asked to leave or provided a taxi service, at their expense, if intoxicated.  Participants asked to leave will be liable for any costs associated with disrupting any of our programs or events. No refunds will be issued to a participant asked to leave. Certain conditions may be required to participate further in the program, including but not limited to medicine fasting.

Clients seeking MM services for addiction treatment are required to speak to an MM representative before attending any of our events.  While there is significant evidence that cannabis and other psychedelics can be used to treat addiction safely and effectively, treating addiction requires a specific and very structured protocol to ensure the safety of clients and our community.  Participating in our services requires a commitment to abstinence, the ongoing support of a certified addictions counselor, and an openness to receiving feedback when addictive traits or behaviors are witnessed. Medicinal Mindfulness can refer clients to psychedelic-friendly addictions counselors for additional mental health support.