Write your own love letter to Molly about why you love MDMA. This is part of our Heart Day Celebration for Psychedelic Shine here at Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, Colorado.

For February’s Psychedelic Shine, a Heart Day Celebration, February 14, 2-4:30 PM, being held at Shine Restaurant, we asked our community to write Love Letters to Molly, here are the first five we’ve received, please keep writing, reading, and sharing…

Dear Molly, 

Your ability to bend my perspective allows my heart to expand beyond my own constrictions.

I long for our next endeavor.

Without limits,


Dear Molly, 

You taught me how to dance. I was a dancer my whole life, but it used to be about the steps, the performance, doing things that looked good. 

You taught me to let go of everything I had ever learned and fully feel the music. Let the music move through me instead of trying to make something happen. 

I still feel you with me every time I dance even after our paths have diverged. 

Thank you Molly. 

Much love. 

Molly, dear heart, thank you for coming into my life. You helped me understand the pain and loneliness, the grief and anger, the horror of what I’d been through. And with that understanding came compassion, forgiveness, and eventually love. Through your eyes I saw that it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t deserve what they did to me. My innocence was taken from me, I never wanted to let it go.  

You held me in your arms and stroked my head with your gentle, healing touch. You showed me that life can still have meaning, even beauty, when I was ready to let it all fade away into black and exit the stage. 

Your soft, caring whispers told me that blaming myself was just another way they were hurting me and you gave me the strength to finally say no to their lies. You straightened my shoulders, unbowed my head, and helped me stand. You gave me the will to face them and deny them their victory. While you can never take away the horror of their acts and words, you help me replace sadness and guilt with love.  

I tell everyone I can about you, for you are so maligned. I tell them about the lies they’ve heard about you, about how unfairly you were treated, and I tell them my story. I tell them that that my breath would have been stilled a long time ago were it not for you reaching into that darkness with an open hand. I tell them how much you help and care and enlighten. I tell them how you save lives and cure broken hearts. I tell them of the wonders you can show us about how beautiful we really are.  

Thank for you every moment of awe and wonder I have experienced. Each one is a gift I never would have had without you. Molly, dear heart, thank you for my life.