Write your own love letter to Molly on why you love MDMA. This is part of our Heart Day Celebration for Psychedelic Shine here at Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, Colorado.

For February’s Psychedelic Shine, a Heart Day Celebration, February 14, 2-4:30 PM, being held at Shine Restaurant, we asked our community to write Love Letters to Molly, here are the first five we’ve received, please keep writing, reading, and sharing…

Dear Molly,

Thank you.

The time we spent together saved my life.

Each day is a gift because of you.

I surrender to the service of Love and Healing.

It is a sentence I gladly repay.

Thank you, Molly.

I am so grateful.

All my love,


My dearest Molly,

When I am with you you make me see myself as someone who is lovable and who is perfectly beautiful as the divine being I’ve been created to be. This is not generally how I feel about myself. I don’t see the beauty the same way or I miss it altogether but because I’ve been with you I have a frame of reference to go back to. And when I start to doubt my beauty (both inside and out) I think of how beautiful the whole world is when I’m with you & how you’ve shown me I am a part of that. Thank you.

With so much love,


Dear Molly,

Thank you for teaching me about pure love, open acceptance, and radical forgiveness. Thank you for teaching me that intimacy is not all about sex, but rather the sacred space that can be shared. Thank you for showing me the pure bliss of living, even when I thought I was not worthy.

Molly, will you be mine?



Dear Molly,

You initiated me past trauma into adulthood. You have shown me it is okay to open myself and my heart to those around me. I hope one day you will be delivered to the world in only the most pure form.

I am so grateful for you <3 <3 Until we meet again.

Dear MDMA,

You came into my life when I was feeling lost and insignificant. You took me on a journey to Saturn, then showed me in coming home that I was missed, welcomed with open arms. I left that experience with a story that has played out for me. I didn’t go to Saturn but I did leave. I went very far away and for a long time. I found significance when I moved the stars. Now, on my slow return home, I see all the people I left behind, their arms outstretched, missing me, waiting for my embrace.