This Friday, at our last Conscious Cannabis Circle of the year, we will be celebrating Completion.  As we turn the last pages of 2015, it is a time to remember what has happened, honoring the lessons, both the positive and the difficult, before fully letting it all go.  We often try to skip this part of the process because it is hard to say goodbye, but as we step deeper into our process, we begin to learn that saying goodbye is a necessary part of saying hello.  What are you looking forward to releasing?  What are you looking forward to creating?  In the balance of life, and death, there is a forever letting go into that which we wish to bring into the world.  The maiden dies to become a mother. The child dies of the womb to be born.  And we surrender our bodies at the end of our lives to say yes to that next stage beyond.  There are some hard facts in this life… and learning to let go is not only useful in the psychedelic experience, but also in our full acceptance of our sacred life.  Everything dies.  Everything changes.  And everything begins anew.

Please join us as we celebrate Completion… and in doing so celebrate Life.