By Blake C. Erickson

Author of:

The Forbidden Fruit & The Tree of Knowledge: Opening the Third Eye

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”-an old Zen proverb

From the moment the spirit molecule enters our bloodstream, the lessons begin to unravel.

When we think of receiving an education, our minds quickly leap to the thought of sitting at a desk in a classroom amongst rows of students. Perhaps an open book sits in front of us and a teacher guides the subject of discussion. However, it’s been several years since I last attended a formal school, and I have since then shifted my perspective to absorbing knowledge and information through everyday scenarios, obstacles, and encounters with other life forms.

We can learn new things by reading or listening to audiobooks, listening to podcasts, watching videos and documentaries, by having conversations. Then again, we also learn from the experience of doing something novel, or even by observing another person’s behavior. And of course we learn from making mistakes. But most importantly, we truly learn from feeling a deeper connection to the particular lesson at hand.

In fact, feeling is so important that oftentimes we eventually forget what we learned if it wasn’t significant enough for our head and heart to experience a connection to the lesson at hand. These elements of learning, feeling, experiencing are completely intertwined with being a sapient. Therefore, it is important that these abilities be revered and also respected with much appreciation, for they are how we grow and evolve as a species.

Lines of Communication

Right now, the human race is in dire need of opening the communication lines between the ancient mystery traditions, modern science, and a spiritual recognition of the Universe and our place in it. The DMT experience seems to be where these worlds merge into a mystical union with our physical biochemistry and the spiritual realm of visionary trance states of consciousness.

When a person has a voluntary DMT experience by ingesting or smoking the molecule via plant or bark extraction, they tend to describe a remarkable and exceptional encounter with a dimension inhabited by a sentient presence or presences. These encounters are where the student becomes introduced to the curriculum of Hyperspace and to the teachers who reveal these lessons.

The testaments of willing DMT psychonauts provide extraordinary claims. Behind closed eyelids, there appears to be an unfolding landscape of fractal geometries with kaleidoscopic, corresponding patterns, ever morphing through color-changing depictions of cathedral-like serpentine pipeworks, moving and slithering in and out of itself. Through this morphological carnival of visual stimulation, the appearance of a silhouette of some form of an entity or entities can surprise the observer, especially when these beings seem to recognize and then instantly begin interacting with the psychonaut having the visionary experience. Many volunteers report that these beings seem to be intelligent and also in a hurry to perform some kind of spiritual surgery, or DNA tune-up, as it may be interpreted.

Emotional Encounters

These encounters can span the whole range of human emotions. Some volunteers report extreme fear, while others report complete love and ecstasy. The experience could swing from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, all within a matter of seconds, depending on the individual’s frame of reference and stability in their personality and/or the level of personal and spiritual development. Encountering these intelligent entities in this bizarre alien dimension can be quite overwhelming for the unprepared mind. Needless to say, even the prepared mind can equally become overwhelmed with this mysterious interaction.

In the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule Dr. Rick Strassman reports: “Some research subjects resolved difficult personal problems during their sessions. Afterward, they realized they had worked something through in a positive way and felt better. The basic processes of psychotherapy seemed to be at work: thinking, recollecting, feeling, connecting emotions with ideas. For most of us, facing painful feelings is difficult, and DMT can make those feelings easier to confront.”

Art by Zachary Brown, Visionary Voyager

Art by Zachary Brown, Visionary Voyager

It is clear that such a profound experience may act as a catalyst for a person to develop a deep curiosity about existence and perhaps the very nature of their own spiritual or energetic essence as a human being. We tend to live each day with surmounting levels of distraction pulling our attention away from remembering that this human experience is truly mysterious, and that the possibility of life existing on planet Earth is nothing short of miraculous.

Granted, no one can offer us an absolute explanation as to what the entities encountered during the DMT vision truly are. However, we could simply ask the people who have historically and culturally been known to use this psychedelic tool as a method for exploring consciousness and we can learn what their perspective on the matter is.

The Spirit Realm

Aboriginal cultures around the globe have made use of snuffs made with DMT, and shamans throughout South America are known to have concocted the DMT-containing brew called Ayahuasca for centuries, perhaps dating to prehistory. These cultures describe the dimension encountered during the DMT experience as the spirit realm, the realm of their deceased ancestors and the unborn souls. These shamanic traditions access this spirit realm for the sake of healing, learning, and also to practice their sacred connection with the divine.

Considering all this, DMT could very well be the most important topic permeating the heart of every religious and spiritual path, and it strikes a chord with modern scientific exploration which continues to ask a repeated question: Are we alone in the Universe?

The lessons from Hyperspace might just be what the human race is looking for when it comes to taking the next step in our evolution as a species.

Would you be willing to sit through a course in Hyperspace and attempt to understand the lessons being revealed?

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