Body and Breathwork


Our bodies are amazing libraries of everything that’s happened to us in our lives, even when we were cells inside our mother’s wombs.  We tend to think that memory resides in some file room in the brain, but really it’s held in our body; our muscles, our blood, our bone.  Every fright, every joy, every deprivation, every abundance is all held as embodied ‘memory’ in the organs below our brain. Every time we felt alone, or felt abundantly loved, or felt wrapped in warmth, or felt like the little match girl in a cold dark alley all alone is recorded somewhere in our feet, our hands, our lungs, our ligaments.

When we encounter a trauma that’s too big for the cognitive mind to process – especially if we’re young – we shunt most of the memory to the right brain which communicates through movement and body.  We could, and do, spend years processing these incidents with therapists using our analytical meaning-making left brain. But at a certain point we need something that will access the non-verbal memories stored in our flesh.  This is where breathwork comes in.

Breathwork puts us into an altered state that gives us access to those traumas, memories, and histories stored beyond the reach of the rational mind.  In Community Breathwork, we use breath to supercharge our bodies. Breath accesses meridians, electromagnetic grids, chakras, muscular habits, and nervine impulses that respond only to right brain activation.  We call it cleaning the pipes with psychic Drano and the results are miraculous.

By doing a regular Community Breathwork practice, you use your breath to access the memories stored in these psychological ‘pipes’.  In our practice we’ve witnessed people somatically resolve these traumas through trembling, shaking, weeping, dancing, gestures, kicking, and sometimes simply deep deep stillness.

Though Breathwork is not the only tool used to resolve trauma – and is often used in support of therapy and medicines – we invite you to come explore the embodied somatic work that can happen at our Community Breathwork sessions.  The freedom you’re longing for is waiting for you here.

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