What is cannabis psychiatry?

Cannabis psychiatry skillfully combines the scientific knowledge of the endocannabinoid system with the practice of modern psychiatry, using cannabis as a psychopharmacological tool.

Who is it for?

Utilizing CBD and THC skillfully in different ratios, depending on an individual illness, has been shown to reduce the  symptoms of the following conditions: PTSD, bipolar, autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and many other conditions. 

Cannabis psychiatry services:


  •  Psychiatric evaluations
  •  Individually-tailored daily cannabis protocols
  •  Cannabis & wellness protocols
  •  Education on cannabis dosing
  •  Education on intentional use of cannabis

Therapeutic support for clients who wish to transition negative patterns of cannabis use into healthy use


  •  Consulting and supervision for practitioners utilizing cannabis to treat psychiatric conditions

 International public speaking on cannabis and mental health

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clinic@medicinalmindfulness.org and events@medicinalmindfulness.org

The purpose of Medicinal Mindfulness is to provide our services in an open but safe environment so that we can:

  • Best reach those who need the services we provide; and
  • Inspire others by actively offering new possibilities for psychedelic therapy, events, and psychedelic training programs in full compliance with the law.