Private Conscious Cannabis Retreats

Psychedelic Cannabis Experiences for Private Groups, Special Occasions & Company Events

Do you and your friends wish to come to Colorado and experience a private Conscious Cannabis Experience? Do you wish to host an event in your hometown so you can share the experience with friends and family? Are you curious about setting up your own Conscious Cannabis practice where you live? We want to help you.  

Or are you tired of the typical company holiday party or team development workshop?  Is there an open, but mature cannabis culture where you work?  Yes, as odd as it sounds, we have guided many medium to large office parties and team development workshops.  Cannabis is a wonderful tool to bring health and creativity into any community that is open and curious. We work with advanced and new journeyers and can gear an experience to the goals of your program.  

We recommended a 4-6 hour workshop experience with social time organized before and after the workshop based on the needs of the participants.  Participants are not required to imbibe cannabis. Cannabis recommendations can be provided to sponsors who would then provide the cannabis for the event. We can accommodate small groups to large corporate events (100+ participants). Additional space rental fees may apply if we provide the space.  We can accommodate small groups up to 25 participants in Boulder at a private, cannabis-friendly center. Other instructors, including movement and yoga, breathwork, sound healing, gong baths and other live music are available. Private services such as psychotherapy, art therapy and massage are also available. Conscious Cannabis Experiences can also be an “addon” to retreat experiences guided by the sponsor, for example, a CCE can be part of an already established yoga retreat, meditation retreat, or other group process.  


  • $2,000-$5,000 per day rate for Guiding/Training/Consulting Services for Daniel McQueen (includes facilitating Psychedelic Cannabis experiences and related programing for up to 6 hours plus set up time). Rate depends on size of group.  Minimum of 2 days for out of town services. 
  • +$250/per day per additional assistant practitioner – Groups larger than 5 participants require additional assistant practitioners.
  • +$400-$600 per day – Very large groups may also require an additional lead practitioner
  • +$600-$1,200 per journey – Nibumbu Live Music Add on, not including travel/gear expenses.  Breathwork and Psychedelic Cannabis Experiences Live Music Guiding – Additional Practitioner Required


$5,000 – 3 Day private retreat with Daniel McQueen and one assistant for a group of 8 friends. Imagine hiking and playing during the day for a long weekend and experiencing a deep dive psychedelic cannabis experience each evening. Includes 2 Conscious Cannabis Circles and preparation and integration sessions. Food and travel not included. 


$2,000 – A magical evening with up to 25 colleagues, with an optional potluck provided by the participants or a nice meal and good snacks provided by the company, includes the well developed Conscious Cannabis Circle experience, but within a social context that is safe and appropriate for a professional, yet playful setting. Add live music by Nibumbu for another $600. Includes the lead practitioner,  2 assistant practitioner and possible student practitioners. 


Sponsors are the main organizers of these events and work closely with Medicinal Mindfulness during the planning stage to design the perfect experience. Retreat & Event Sponsors are generally responsible for any additional expenses. We can bring our own equipment to local retreats, but speakers are too big to travel with. Cannabis, location, speaker system, travel expenses, and any additional snacks or meals are provided by the sponsor. Sponsor is responsible for organizing participants and providing participant information to MM.  Medicinal Mindfulness only works where cannabis is recreationally legal.