Britton Westendorp-HollandBritton Westendorp-Holland


Britton is a Certified Cannabis Consultant and harm reduction activist. After years of working in the cannabis industry he has developed personal and professional expertise in the skillful use of cannabis for symptom management along with the use of this medicine as a psychedelic modality in therapeutic settings.

He has completed advanced training in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Guiding through Medicinal Mindfulness’s Psychedelic Sitters School and has assisted in multiple in-person trainings, Community Breathwork, and Conscious Cannabis events since 2015. In 2020 he received his Cannabis Consulting Certification from the Trichome Institute in Denver.

Britton offers private and personalized cannabis consulting services for clients and teaches them how to create unique psychedelic cannabis blends tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Britton is also available for consulting related to cannabis for symptom management- such as guiding them through how one creates psychedelic blends of cannabis.

He also offers his services to assist clients through the dispensary process. One’s first time in a dispensary can be an intimidating experience. Britton’s goal is to empower each client with important and accessible knowledge that allows them to build a resourceful tool belt, giving them the skill set and knowledge to best advocate for themselves in this quickly evolving industry.

What is Cannabis Consulting?

A cannabis consultant is someone who has a wide range of knowledge that pertains to the cannabis industry and medicinal use, with varying specialties and broad connections. A Cannabis Consultant is there to help one navigate the industry and develop specific skill sets to make life a little easier. This service also operates from a harm reduction foundation to best teach conscious and skillful use of cannabis.

Who is it for?

These special services are for those looking to gain a greater perspective on the industry as a whole and help to more skillfully use cannabis. For instance, if you are new to cannabis and don’t know where to start, are interested in its many different applications, or just want to expand your knowledge about this plant and the industry. It is also helpful if you are already a regular consumer of cannabis and would like to shift into a more intentional relationship with this medicine.

Services available:

-Guided knowledge and couching about cannabis and the industry

-Information about how to navigate cannabis resources available

-How to maximize the beneficial aspects of cannabis

-Teaching cannabis blending for psychedelic journey work or for enhancing one’s life.

-Follow up consultations to track progress and titrate based on each client’s needs

-Collaboration with your medical cannabis doctors and mental health practitioners as needed

-Coaching for students in training with Medicinal Mindfulness who are creating psychedelic cannabis blends in other states and countries

-Mentorship for budtenders who are deepening their knowledge of plant medicines

-Personal dispensary guide; available to walk you through your first legal cannabis purchase

-Teaching dispensary edict and personal patient advocation.