Grace AltheaGrace Althea

Psychedelic Sitter

Grace Althea is a passionate trauma recovery specialist with extensive experience in psychedelic guiding. She is trained and certified through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. In addition, she has completed a range of courses through The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, including Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Guiding and Psychedelic First Aid, which includes a CPR certification, psychedelic mental health crisis intervention, and suicide intervention training. She holds valuable education and experience in Internal Family Systems, relational healing, and polyvagal/nervous system regulation practices. With five years of experience as a psychedelic guide working frequently with clients with C-PTSD, she adeptly holds space for profound emotions and transformative experiences.

Grace Althea is a neurodivergent individual, a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community and an ally to BIPOC and other marginalized communities.