Peter Stocke, CFO

Peter Stocke is a life-long entrepreneur passionate about helping people and businesses achieve powerful impact in the world. With over a decade of experience in start-up finance, in industries ranging from manufacturing to SAAS to professional services, Peter uses his knowledge to help organizations use numbers and insight into their finances to guide decision making and steer their businesses into greater levels of abundance. Focusing on practical, day-to-day decision making, Peter works to help leadership teams leverage their strengths and successfully navigate and mitigate risk.

When he’s not pouring over spreadsheets and analyzing numbers Peter focuses his time on self development and spiritual exploration. Having started his psychedelic experiences at age 16 with Holotropic Breathwork, Peter now mainly focuses on shamanic studies. He practices and trains people in Hypno-Journey, a hypnotherepuetically informed shamanic journey methodology that helps people connect with their archetypal resources and manifest into the highest versions of themselves. Whether he’s guiding people through the murky waters of understanding finances or transpersonal journey experiences, Peter’s centeredness, grounding, and compassion make him a valuable ally to have on board!