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Body and Breathwork

The most powerful healing tool we have available is breath. And some of our most painful emotional injuries and psychic traumas are held in the body. A regular Community Breathwork practice uses the psychedelic medicine of our breath to heal bodies in ways that can be healed no other way.

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Lessons from Hyperspace

Right now, the human race is in dire need of opening the communication lines between the ancient mystery traditions, modern science, and a spiritual recognition of the Universe and our place in it. The DMT experience seems to be where these worlds merge into a mystical union with our physical biochemistry and the spiritual realm of visionary trance states of consciousness.

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Transforming Trauma Through Transforming The Way We Look At And Treat It.

When you have a mental disorder, it’s a sign something deep within needs to be healed and transmuted. It’s not meant to label people for lifelong conditions.

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Breath, the original psychedelic

Every living spiritual tradition among the human species – and a few animal species too! – involves some kind of breath practice. Learn more about using this powerful psychedelic in our Community Breathwork practice.

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