LGBTQIA+ Therapy


Medicinal Mindfulness is of and in allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community. We offer a compassionate space in which to explore the intersectionality of identities that exist within both affirming and shaming social-cultural contexts. We are here to support parts of self that know pain, rejection, and oppression and to awaken personal and interpersonal potential, connection, meaning and celebration. 

Medicinal Mindfulness offers traditional talk therapy, mentorship, and Psychedelic Cannabis or Ketamine- Assisted group and one-on-one support. With our aware and accepting specialists, you can navigate unknown territories of gender identity, sexual orientation and more. We welcome you to name and explore how your LGBTQIA+ identities overlap with experiences of race, ethnicity, ability, class, religion, and family dynamics. Therapy, mentorship, and medicinal journeywork will support you in aligning inner truths with embodied expressions and transforming feelings of isolation into a deep sense of community and belonging. 

There is often a lack of acknowledgement or ritual around developmental transformations involving sexuality and gender. We can play a crucial role in creating intentional and ritual space to observe, mark, and invite sacred transitions. We can also help in finding new supportive communities and resources to connect with.

Parents and loved ones can also often benefit from our services by learning how to enact support, navigate emotions around transitions of loved ones, or deepen both personal and relational care.

How can Psychedelics help?

Given even reasonable conditions towards growth, each one of us has the capacity to heal. Psychedelic-Assisted therapy can cultivate experiences that are optimal in creating access to inner wisdom. Untangling conscious or unconscious sources of stress during these experiences often leads to profound transformation and change. Revealing unique insights into the ineffable, psychedelics are powerful tools in deepening and speeding up healing processes. Integrating psychedelic insights into everyday consciousness can shift our relationships to ourselves and others, offer a sense of freedom from cultural restriction, and increase feelings of connectedness and well-being. 

Who is this work for?  

People who wonder about their gender, sexuality, and intimacy

People who are inspired by or growing towards wholeness, radical self-expression, joy, confidence, and self-acceptance

People who identify as outsiders, cultural creatives, artists, sacred rebels, trailblazers, pioneers, healers and revolutionaries

People who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, body image issues, dysphoria, and other existential struggles

SOFFAs – Significant others, friends, families, and allies