What to Expect & Pricing


Overview of Psychedelic Therapy and Psychotherapy Services

We are a full service Psychedelic Therapy Center with medical oversight, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and life coaching services. We are trained psychedelic practitioners here to help prepare you, support you, and integrate your transformational psychedelic experience.

All of our services and our fees are included on this page for you to review before contacting us, and to refer to as a resource at any time.

Please visit our specialties page for additional information on our practices, and our practitioners page to learn more about our practitioners.


The first step is to fill out our Initial Inquiry Form to let us know a little about your needs and interests. We would love to hear from you and our staff will answer any questions you may have. After you submit the inquiry form, well contact you to set up a free 20 minute call with one of our psychedelic specialists to discuss our services and to match you with a practitioner. The purpose of this call is to learn more about you, answer questions about our services, and refer you to a practitioner for our onboarding process.


It is easy to start working with us and requires a minimal investment to begin meeting with a practitioner. After you have your general questions answered and you wish to join our program, well match you with one of our practitioners to begin the preparation process. Well send you our intake form and universal disclosure, which should be filled out before your first session.

Depending on your interests, concerns, and our recommended level of care, we will refer you directly to one of our practitioners or to a Psychedelic Specialist for additional support. Together we will assess which psychedelic therapy protocol is right for you and will provide a recommendation for care. We are happy to educate you about different options and what the overall process can look like, as well as to begin exploring your treatment or spiritual goals. 


Some of our clients are looking for short term psychedelic therapy intensives to compliment their ongoing therapy, while others are seeking both ongoing therapeutic support and psychedelic intensives. We recommend getting to know your practitioner in ongoing session work for as long as you like. During this time, we are exploring your readiness for psychedelic therapy and preparing you for the experience.

When you are ready, we send you to our Medical Doctor for a medical safety evaluation and psychedelic therapy recommendation for both Psychedelic Cannabis and Ketamine.

Ongoing Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching 
Before your first psychedelic sessions, you will meet with your practitioner for 1-3 sessions to help you prepare for the experience. These sessions are an opportunity for you to deeply explore your goals and intentions for the work, learn skills for navigating your psychedelic terrain, develop new strategies to support integration and healing, build rapport with your practitioner, and share your story. We want you to feel safe and resourced going into your first psychedelic sessions. 

Mental Health Nutrition Support and Microdosing Education
Working with our nutritionist is strongly recommended for clients seeking to eliminate or reduce psychiatric medications, or who have significant clinical concerns, working with addiction, or have eating disorders. Clients interested in “microdosing coaching” are referred to our nutritionist for harm reduction and microdosing education, and an overall nutritional assessment.

Initial Medical Safety Evaluation & Follow-Up Medical Care
When psychedelic therapy is recommended, our Medical Director will provide medical oversight throughout the process. This initial evaluation allows our Medical Director an opportunity to review your history, assess for physical safety, and develop a treatment recommendation based on your specific needs. We also determine if cannabis or ketamine is safe to use for you. If at any point in the process it becomes clear to us that psychedelic therapy is not the best path forward, we will work with you in session to determine the best course of treatment with your therapist or spiritual care provider, or practitioners outside of our center. 

When we get the referral for psychedelic therapy from our Medical Director, we work with you to develop an initial psychedelic therapy protocol and provide all of the necessary disclosure forms. These protocols generally include two to six psychedelic sessions. 


Psychedelic Intensives are generally recommended for our out of town guests, and those seeking short-term support to complement their ongoing therapeutic practice. Ongoing support is recommended for clients who are local, or seeking more gradual, ongoing care. 

Psychedelic Therapy Intensives

An intensive is a series of at least two psychedelic sessions scheduled close together, either with Psychedelic Cannabis or Psychedelic Ketamine. Psychedelic sessions are always paired during an intensive, either two ketamine or two psychedelic cannabis, not one of each. We do not recommend single psychedelic session intensives since so much happens in the second session. Intensives always include at least one preparation session, and at least one integration session. 

We call these Chapter Turning Experiences” because they can provide immediate support and greater clarity that allows our clients to jumpstart psychotherapy into a new stage of transformation, recover from a specific life experience, and find new meaning and direction for next steps. 

A week long intensive includes two ketamine experiences and two psychedelic cannabis experiences, with preparation and integration support. These are deep dive transformation experiences for people ready to do significant personal work.

Intensives are often conducted at the beginning period of care, and can be repeated to further address significant concerns and for ongoing work. Significant clinical concerns generally require 2-3 intensives to complete a full process of support. 

Ongoing Psychedelic Therapy

Local clients who are seeking longer term support through psychedelic therapy and ongoing psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, or life coaching may choose among several protocols that fit their specific needs. Due to the nature of these experiences, and to ensure continuity of care, we typically schedule a series of sessions at the same time. We also offer payment plans to increase the accessibility of our services.

The term psycholytic” means therapy enhancing” and is generally a lower dose, and milder psychedelic experience that complements the meditation, psychotherapy, or spiritual practice engaged in the session. Psychedelic sessions are stronger, fully immersive psychedelic experiences. 

Psychedelic Cannabis

  • Psycholytic Cannabis 4-Session Series – 2-hour therapy enhanced sessions
  • Psychedelic Cannabis 4-Session Series – 3 or 5 hour full psychedelic experiences

Psychedelic Ketamine

  • Psycholytic Ketamine for Depression (Lozenge) 6-Session Series
  • Psychedelic Ketamine Series (Intramuscular) 6-Session Series

In the days and weeks after your Psychedelic Sessions, you will meet with your practitioner to integrate your experiences. This is a crucial step in the process and creates the most lasting benefit. During these sessions you will review the content of the sessions, make meaning of them, and work to integrate them into your everyday life. Many clients report that their integration sessions are the richest part of the overall process and essential to their growth and transformation. We recommend one to three integration sessions after a psychedelic therapy intensive.

We work with you as long as you are called to work with us. This can be short-term, ongoing, or as needed. We invite you to complete your time with us through a final integration session, with an intentional ceremony of gratitude and completion. Theres always an open door for you to return to these practices. 


Our treatment protocols are based on the standardized fee structures below, which are itemized for full transparency on invoices.

Initial 20 minute Consultation: free

Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching

  • $160/hr – Scholarship Rate
  • $190/hr – Standard Rate
  • $225/hr – Psychedelic Specialist Rate

Psychedelic Therapy Facilitation (Ketamine and Cannabis) 3 or 5 hour sessions

  • $160/hr – Scholarship Rate
  • $190/hr – Standard Rate
  • $225/hr – Psychedelic Specialist Rate

Medical Oversight, Initial Evaluation & Ketamine Administration

  • $350 – 45 Minute Initial Medical Evaluation to be approved for Ketamine-Assisted and/or Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy
  • $250 – 30 Minute Initial Medical Evaluation – Psychedelic Cannabis Only
  • $175 – 20 Minute Follow up (additional ketamine prescriptions)
  • $350 – Initial Ketamine Lozenge Medical Oversight
  • $350 – Ketamine Intramuscular Injection
  • $60 – Ongoing Medical oversight per lozenge session

Mental Health Nutritional Support & Microdosing Coaching

  • $225 – Initial 1.5 Hr nutritional consultation
  • $150 – 2 half-hour nutritional consultation follow up
  • $350/month – Regular – includes 2, half-hour plus text and email support
  • $550/month – Intensive – includes 4, half-hour sessions plus text and email support

Example Psychedelic Therapy Protocols Based on Standard Rates – (includes medical oversight and one session each preparation and integration support) ~ Prices are estimates as individualized protocols vary. Other protocols can be designed to fit our clients’ interests and needs.

Psychedelic Therapy Intensives

  • Two-session Psychedelic Cannabis Intensive – 5-hr sessions ~ $2,250
  • Two-session Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine Intensive – 3-hr sessions ~ $2,250
  • Weeklong Intensive ~ $4,500 (Includes 2 sessions each of both medicines)

Ongoing Psychedelic Cannabis Series

  • Psycholytic Cannabis 4-Session Series – 2-hr sessions ~ $1,900
  • Psychedelic Cannabis 4-Session Series – 3-hr sessions ~ $2,600
  • Psychedelic Cannabis 4-Session Series – 5-hr sessions ~ $4,200

Ongoing Psychedelic Ketamine Series – 3-hr sessions

  • Psycholytic Ketamine for Depression (Lozenge) 6-Session Series ~ $4,600
  • IM Ketamine experiences with a booster – Psychedelic Ketamine Series (Intramuscular) 6-Session Series ~ $5,900

All of our psychedelic therapy, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and life coaching services can be shared with a partner or friend to create an intimate and deeply meaningful experience. The cost is also shared, reducing the price by nearly 40% per person. Contact us for more information on shared psychedelic experiences.


Small private groups of 3-5 participants, or medium groups of 6-8 participants can also be scheduled. More information about our group psychedelic experiences can also be found on our Events page. Participating in group experiences further reduces the cost of psychedelic therapy. Need-based diversity scholarships are also available to reduce the cost even more, making group experiences our most accessible services.


We offer need-based Psychedelic Therapy Scholarships to increase the accessibility of our program, particularly for marginalized communities and those who have a significant financial need. Please complete our scholarship application if you are interested in receiving a scholarship. Scholarships are available for individual and group services.


Daniel McQueen, MA, author of Psychedelic Cannabis, in addition to writing and facilitating trainings and groups, specializes in guiding short term Psychedelic Intensives for individuals, couples, and groups, particularly 2-3 day and weeklong intensives with accompanying preparation and integration support. To set up an initial consultation with Daniel, please contact our office through our initial inquiry form.


Due to the intensive nature of psychedelic therapy, our scheduling and payment process is a little different than standard psychotherapy clinics. Payment is required to reserve your dates of service. Sessions within a psychedelic therapy series are booked all at once to best coordinate with your practitioner. This will eliminate any potential pauses in treatment that could occur if you paid as you go.

Regular, one- to two-hour sessions require a 48-hour cancellation notice to reschedule or to receive a refund. Because psychedelic therapy sessions are sometimes a full day to even a full week of work and are harder to reschedule quickly, these sessions require two weeks notice to reschedule or to receive a refund for services.


We can provide a superbill for many of our services for insurance reimbursement, particularly ongoing psychotherapy, medical evaluations, and ketamine treatment. At this time we cannot provide a superbill for cannabis related treatment.

20 Minute Initial Consultation (FREE)

The initial consultation is for our team to get to know you, for you to ask any questions, and to determine if our services would be a good fit for you. After the initial call, the process includes our clinical team reviewing the necessary informed consent forms, intakes and other assessments.