What to Expect & Pricing


Overview of Psychedelic Therapy, Psychotherapy & Guiding Services

We are a full service Psychedelic Therapy & Guiding Center with medical oversight, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and professional mentorship services. We’ve worked with Psychedelic Cannabis, Ketamine for many years, and are grateful to now work with Psilocybin Mushrooms under the Natural Medicine Health Act. 

We are highly trained psychedelic professionals here to support you in your transformational psychedelic experiences, from preparation and guiding through integration and beyond.

Our services and our fees are included on this page for informed consent purposes. You can learn all about our process here and review before contacting us, or just contact us through our initial inquiry form if you’re ready to begin. 

Please visit our specialties page for additional information on our services and specializations, and our practitioners page to learn more about our practitioners.

Specifically, more information about Psychedelic Cannabis, Ketamine and Psilocybin Mushrooms can be found on their specialty pages as well


The first step is to fill out our Initial Inquiry Form to let us know a little about your needs and interests. We would love to hear from you and our staff can answer any questions you may have. 

After you submit the inquiry form, you can schedule a free 20 minute call with our Clinical Director, Alison McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR, ACS, or one of our intake coordinators, to discuss our services and to match you with a practitioner. The purpose of this call is to learn more about you, answer questions about our service options, and refer you to a practitioner who best fits your goals and needs.

Akin to working with a psychotherapist, it is easy to start working with us and requires a minimal investment to begin seeing one of our practitioners. When you’re ready for psychedelic sessions, you’ll go through our onboarding process. We’ll send you our intake form and disclosure statement through our HIPAA compliant client portal as part of our onboarding process and these should be filled out before your first session.

We can also discuss general pricing for different Psychedelic Therapy Protocols (listed below) so you can make an informed decision before any investment.


Some of our clients are looking for short term psychedelic intensives for personal growth experiences or to complement their already established psychotherapy, while others are seeking both ongoing therapeutic support and psychedelic services. During the initial sessions, whether short term or ongoing, we work with you to explore your intentions, your readiness for psychedelic therapy and to prepare you for the experience.

When you are ready, or if you are specifically looking for psychedelic session work, we will send you to our Medical Director, Dr. Alyse Power, for a medical safety evaluation for both Psychedelic Cannabis and Ketamine sessions, and a medical harm reduction and education session for Psilocybin and other medicines covered by the Natural Medicine Health Act.

During this period, we’ll make sure all your paperwork is complete, and we’ll talk to your mental health provider if you wish, and work with you to determine the best psychedelic session series that fits your interest, schedule, and financial needs.


Our center provides short term and ongoing psychotherapy, spiritual counseling and professional mentorship in the field of psychedelic therapy. The Onboarding Sessions occur either at the beginning of working with us, or after ongoing session work and when ready to work with psychedelic medicines.

Onboarding Session With Practitioner

In preparation for your first psychedelic series, you will go through an onboarding process where you will meet with your practitioner for a specific consultation to go over your paperwork, informed consent agreements, intake, safety questionnaire and answer any questions you may have. This information is also reviewed by our Clinical Director during this time for an extra layer of support and to provide protocol suggestions. 

Initial Medical Safety Evaluation & Follow-Up Medical Care

When psychedelic therapy is recommended, our Medical Director will provide medical oversight throughout the process. This initial evaluation or education session allows our Medical Director an opportunity to review your history and physical health, and help you develop a psychedelic series based on your specific interests. We also determine if cannabis or ketamine are safe for you to use and we provide harm reduction education for psilocybin and other medicines under the Natural Medicine Health Act. We may also recommend working with a Mental Health Nutritionist and Microdosing Educator (more information below). 

If at any point in the process it becomes clear to us that psychedelic therapy or guiding is not the best path forward, we will work with you in session to determine the best course of treatment with your guide, or with other practitioners outside of our center.

Determining a Session Series

After you speak to our Medical Director, we will work with you to design and schedule your psychedelic series and provide all of the necessary disclosure forms to prepare. 

Examples of psychedelic session series are below, and always include preparation and integration support. They include 2 day and weeklong intensives, ongoing psychedelic therapy, and groups.

Pricing & Scheduling

To simplify our pricing, we’ve grouped sessions into packages that include the psychedelic sessions with the minimum necessary preparation and integration sessions. The price also includes medical support when working with Ketamine and an assistant guide when working with Psilocybin. Our series prices are based on the General Price List of Services in the boxes below. You’re invited to ask our intake coordinator in your free consultation, and your practitioner about the general prices of the services you are interested in.

Our prices are congruent with specialized psychotherapy rates and typical ketamine clinic rates that include psychotherapy. The entire series is scheduled at once to ensure continuity of care, and a half payment as a deposit is required to begin the scheduling process. Payment plans are available for ongoing Psychedelic Therapy.


In addition to the onboarding sessions, before any psychedelic experience, our clients meet with their practitioner for 1-3 preparation sessions. Some clients meet with their practitioner on an ongoing basis before stepping into a psychedelic experience. 

These sessions are an opportunity for you to explore your goals and intentions for the work, learn skills for navigating your psychedelic terrain, develop new strategies to support integration and healing, build rapport with your practitioner, and share your story. Over our ten years in practice, we have found that the more people prepare for their psychedelic sessions, the more they get out of them. We want you to feel safe and resourced going into your first psychedelic sessions.

Psychedelic cannabis and ketamine sessions require one preparation session, psilocybin requires two preparation sessions.


We’ve found that our clients are already intuitively drawn to a particular medicine or intention, and it is our job to take this information and explore a protocol that works for you. We’re here to guide and support you through this process. In addition to working with Psychedelic Cannabis, Ketamine and Psilocybin Mushrooms by themselves, these medicines can be part of an integrative series of medicine sessions, either two day retreats, weeklong intensives, extended and ongoing series of psychedelic and psycholytic sessions. As always, our protocols include the required number of preparation and integration sessions, medical oversight, and an assistant guide when necessary. All sessions in a protocol are scheduled at once to ensure continuity of care.

We also now have monthly group ketamine experiences which reduce client costs by about half. Our most popular protocols are the weeklong intensives. We now have a number of new two day and weeklong experiences that integrate psilocybin mushrooms so be sure to explore those as well. Two day retreats are a perfect getaway from a busy schedule. A description of each of the new psilocybin protocols and why someone might choose them are found on the Psilocybin Support Services page. 

We call these protocols “Chapter Turning Experiences” because they can provide immediate support and greater clarity that allows our clients to jumpstart their psychotherapy into a new stage of transformation, recover from a difficult life experience, and find new meaning and direction in life.

Two-Session Intensives are sometimes conducted at the beginning period of care, and can be repeated to further address significant concerns and for ongoing work. Significant clinical concerns generally require 2-3 two-session intensives to complete a full treatment protocol.

A Note About Our Ketamine Practice Compared to Other Ketamine Clinics

Our center provides generally higher dose intramuscular ketamine experiences to elicit psychedelic states, compared to lower dose IV drips that are designed to minimize the psychedelic experience (a more common practice at typical ketamine clinics). Our standard ketamine session is 3 hours long, compared to the 1-2 hour sessions at typical ketamine clinics. Our medical staff sits with our clients for 30 minutes, offering a booster if requested, instead of providing a single shot and then leaving. A skilled guide with clinical and spiritual training is with you the entire time to provide support, while curating a musical journey just for you. 

Short Psychedelic Retreats

Short psychedelic retreats include:

  • Single psilocybin mushroom experience with preparation and integration support
  • Two-session retreat with Psychedelic Cannabis over 2 days
  • Two-session retreat with Psychedelic Ketamine (IM) over 2-3 days
  • Single psilocybin mushroom session with a preparatory psychedelic cannabis experience the day or two before
  • Single psilocybin mushroom session with a preparatory ketamine (IM) experience the day or two before  

The two-session retreats are designed to get the most out of the medicine experience. Sometimes it takes a little time to drop in and the second session supports not feeling rushed, and generates a greater sense of completion. 

Weeklong Psychedelic Intensives

Weeklong intensives are designed for people ready to do a deep dive for healing and transformation, or those needing additional healing support for significant clinical concerns and are traveling for their care. These weeklong intensives include the necessary prep, middle and integration support: 

  • Our standard two psychedelic cannabis and two ketamine retreat over 5 days
  • One psilocybin mushroom session between two psychedelic cannabis sessions over 4-5 days
  • One psilocybin mushroom session between two ketamine sessions over 4-5 days
  • Finally, a medium dose psilocybin mushroom session, followed by a “resetting” ketamine session then a higher standard dose psilocybin mushroom session over 5-7 days

Extended Psychedelic Sessions

A common protocol for the treatment of depression is the 6 session ketamine series with ongoing preparation and integration support. 

The two psilocybin journey protocol begins with a medium dose psilocybin experience before a higher dose psilocybin mushroom journey over several weeks to reduce any tolerance effects and to allow for a greater “stepping into” process.

Ongoing Psychedelic Sessions

The term “psycholytic” means “psyche-enhancing” and is generally a lower dose, and milder psychedelic experience that complements the meditation, psychotherapy, or spiritual practices engaged in the session. “Psychedelic” sessions are stronger, fully immersive psychedelic experiences. Both psychedelic and psycholytic protocols are available for ongoing care.

Local clients who are seeking longer term support through psychedelic therapy, guiding, and ongoing psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, or professional mentorship may choose among several protocols that fit their specific needs. Due to the nature of these experiences, and to ensure continuity of care, we typically begin with a two-session intensive, then schedule a short series of preparation, integration and at least 2 psychedelic sessions at one time. We also offer payment plans and a scholarship program to increase the accessibility of our services. Ketamine Lozenge sessions are also a great, and affordable way to seek ongoing support. Examples include: 

  • Psycholytic Cannabis 4-Session Series 
  • Psychedelic Cannabis 4-Session Series
  • Psycholytic Ketamine sessions with Lozenges 
  • Psychedelic Ketamine (IM) for Depression 

Group Protocols

We offer monthly community ketamine experiences for ongoing clinical support. Group experiences reduce the cost of a two sessions ketamine experience by about half, with a scholarship value reducing the price even more. Clinical psychedelic cannabis groups are coming soon.


In the days and weeks after your psychedelic experiences, you will meet with your practitioner to begin integrating your journey into your daily life. This is a crucial step in the process and creates the most lasting benefit. During these sessions you will review the content of the sessions, make meaning of them, and explore ways to integrate the lessons into your life. Many clients report that their integration sessions are the richest part of the overall process and are essential to their growth and transformation. We recommend one to three integration sessions after a psychedelic therapy intensive. Minimum requirements are included in the series price. 

We work with you as long as you are called to work with us. This can be short-term, ongoing, or as needed. We invite you to complete your time with us through a final integration session, with an intentional ceremony of gratitude and completion. There’s always an open door for you to return to these practices.

Psychedelic cannabis and ketamine sessions require one preparation session, psilocybin requires two preparation sessions.


We offer need-based and diversity scholarships for psychedelic therapy and guiding services to increase the accessibility of our program, particularly for marginalized communities and those who have limited means. An additional way to reduce the cost of our services by about half  is through our group experiences. Please complete our scholarship application as part of your intake paperwork if you are interested in receiving a scholarship. Scholarships are available for individual and group services.


The link below lists the prices of our primary Psychedelic Intensives based on our standard hourly session rate (some variations may occur) – Click the button to view a full description of each and to explore the scholarship and specialist rates as well. Cost ranges are listed here to simplify the explanation. These costs include medical support for intramuscular (IM) Ketmamine experiences and assistant guide support for psilocybin experiences. Remember to add the one time onboarding cost for the initial intake and medical review process. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

During your discovery and initial inquiry call, our client intake coordinator will help you determine who to work with based on your interests and our availability. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals to newer professionals so we have a range of session rates. The total # of session hours, as well as average rate per hour, are provided in the link for comparison purposes. 

Our rates are determined by the number of session hours divided by our rates, and are similar to mental health professionals with an advanced specialty, and also include the additional medical and support team. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Service Cost Ranges Based on Standard Rate

Onboarding (one time process) $500-$600
Short Intensives with Psychedelic Cannabis or Ketamine $2,250-$2,400
Short Intensives with Psilocybin Mushrooms (alone or with C/K) $3,000-$4,000
Weeklong Intensives with Psychedelic Cannabis and Ketamine $4,450
Weeklong Intensives including Psilocybin Mushrooms $5,250-$6,525
Extended Protocols with Ketamine or Psilocybin $5,600-$6,350
Ongoing Protocols with Cannabis or Ketamine Lozenges $2,000-$3,200
Monthly Group Ketamine (2IM) or Group Cannabis Sessions (2) $1,000-$1,250


Our psychedelic session protocols are based on the standardized fee structures below, shared here for informed consent purposes. Our office staff can answer questions about the cost of Psychedelic Therapy packages, and you can discuss different options at any time during our intake process.

Initial 20 minute Consultation: FREE

Onboarding, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Supervision & Professional Mentorship (1 hour sessions)  
Scholarship Rates  $150/hr – $175/hr
Standard Rate $200/hr
Psychedelic Specialist Rate $225/hr
Advanced Psychedelic Specialist Rate and Psychedelic Business Consulting $250-$350/hr





Psychedelic Therapy & Guiding Practitioner Rates are the same hourly rate, but longer –  2, 3, 5 or 8 hour sessions

Ketamine requires additional MD support, Psilocybin requires an additional assistant guide

Medical Oversight, Initial Evaluation, Ketamine Administration, Assistant Guides  
45 Minute Initial Medical Review to be approved for Ketamine-Assisted, Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy, and harm reduction and education session for psilocybin and other NMHA medicines $400
30 Minute Initial Medical Review – Psychedelic Cannabis Only $300
20 Minute Follow up (for additional ketamine prescriptions – after first two sessions for next two to four sessions) $200
Ketamine Intramuscular Injection (In addition to Psychedelic Therapist Practitioner Rate) +$325/session
Ongoing Medical oversight per Ketamine lozenge session (In addition to Psychedelic Therapist Practitioner Rate) +$100
Assistant Guide for Psilocybin Session +$600









Mental Health Nutritional Support & Microdosing Education  
Initial 1 hour nutritional consultation $200
2 half-hour nutritional consultation follow ups $200




Cannabis Education & Psychedelic Blend Consulting  
Initial 30 minute Consultation at a dispensary for first psychedelic cannabis  intensive with our qualified cannabis consultant FREE
Additional 30 minute Consultation at a dispensary with qualified cannabis consultant $125
30 minute Cannabis Product Consultation by phone $75

All of our psychedelic therapy and guiding, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and professional mentorship services can be shared with a partner or friend to create an intimate and deeply meaningful journey together. Because you’re paying for our time, the cost is also shared. Generally speaking, for simplicity, the second participant attends at 50% off. Contact us for more information about shared psychedelic experiences for both healing and personal growth.

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness specializes in group psychedelic experiences. Small private groups of families and friends are deeply meaningful. We can host small groups of 3-5 participants with any of our psychedelic services, medium groups of 6-9 participants with ketamine or cannabis, large groups of 10-15 participants or extra large groups of up to 24 participants with psychedelic cannabis. 

These sessions can be conducted in our private studio, or any sized group can be held in private homes, retreat centers, or medicine friendly yoga studios. Contact us for more information.


We now offer ongoing clinical psychedelic therapy groups with psychedelic ketamine to reduce the cost and provide a community healing container. Group Ketamine experiences reduce the cost by about half, with additional scholarships available. Visit Community Ketamine Clinic for additional information and pricing. 

More information about our non-clinical community psychedelic experiences can also be found on our Events page.


Daniel McQueen, MA, is the Executive Director of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness and author of Psychedelic Cannabis. In addition to developing and teaching Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy, writing and facilitating trainings and groups, Daniel specializes in guiding short term Psychedelic Intensives for individuals, couples, and groups, with accompanying preparation and integration support. 

Alison McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR, ACS, Clinical Director of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, is a licensed professional counselor, art therapist, and psychedelic therapist is also available for short term intensives for individuals, couples, and groups, as well as ongoing individual psychotherapy and psychedelic therapy.

To set up an initial consultation to work with either Alison or Daniel, please note the request through our initial inquiry form. Alison and Daniel’s hourly rates are the specialist rates.


Working with our mental health nutritionist is strongly recommended for clients seeking to eliminate or reduce psychiatric medications, or who have significant clinical concerns, are healing addiction, or experience disordered eating. 

Clients interested in what is commonly known as “microdose coaching” with psilocybin are referred to our nutritionist for harm reduction microdosing education, and an overall nutritional review. 

Cannabis is safe to use with many other medications, and ketamine is safe with most as well. Due to the nature of psilocybin and the effects of mental health pharmaceuticals such as SSRIs to “dull” the effects of psilocybin, we require that our clients titrate off these medications to schedule a psilocybin session. Nutrition and amino acids can substantially support this process. While titrating off these medications, clients can work with psychedelic cannabis and ketamine in preparation for their psilocybin journey. 


Due to the intensive nature of psychedelic therapy, our scheduling and payment process is a little different than standard psychotherapy clinics. Payment is required to reserve your dates for initial sessions and medical evaluations. Full payment for a psychedelic package is required to reserve the dates of the series. Payment plans for an ongoing session series, or for those with financial need, are also available.

ALL sessions within a psychedelic series are booked at once to best coordinate with your practitioner, our medical staff, and our office schedule. This eliminates any potential pauses in treatment that could occur if you paid and scheduled one session at a time. 

60-minute sessions require a 48-hour cancellation notice to reschedule or to receive a refund. 

Because psychedelic sessions are sometimes a full day to even a full week of work and are harder to reschedule quickly, these sessions require a two week notice to reschedule or to receive a refund for services. Please help us take care of our guides by providing as much notice as possible. 


We can accept payments for all of our services through HSA and FSA cards.

We can provide a superbill for psychotherapy services but not medicine-related sessions, and medicine-related services are generally not reimbursable. 

There are also significant ethical considerations in taking insurance, including the required “pathologizing” of an experience that can often only be described as sacred, beyond positive, and absolutely life transforming.

While the psychedelic movement figures out how to navigate the insurance space, a great way to save while receiving a very high quality service is our private small group experiences and our public events found on our Events page. We have very affordable clinical and spiritual/celebratory group experiences available.

20 Minute Initial Consultation (FREE)

The initial consultation is for our team to get to know you, for you to ask any questions, and to determine if our services would be a good fit for you. After the initial call, the process includes our clinical team reviewing the necessary informed consent forms, intakes and other assessments.